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  1. I saw a Ground driver gassing up at the same station I was. I know him from passing glances, but not personally. He's from another terminal, just passing through town. I work a decent terminal, and we have our share of knuckle draggers, but for the most part we are a tight crew. What this guy was doing made my jaw drop. I'm no policy whore, and a little rule bending is common anywhere. But this guy was on another level. I seriously wanted to film him and upload it on youtube.

    Anyway, I nodded as I pulled in and we gassed up at the same time.

    ME: Turn off engine, open gas tank, swipe card, pump gas.

    OTHER GUY: Pulls in. Steps out of vehicle, while leaving the engine idling... Runs the card and starts pumping. Lights up a cigarette. Pulls out his cell phone and makes a call (18 inches from the pump, while smoking). It seems his call is to another driver. He is talking about his sexual exploits the night before, dropping F bombs, and talking about a female driver he'd like to shack up with. He's very loud, and atleast 3 other people getting gas can hear him and are looking at him funny. When he's done, he gives me a wave, and speeds off flicking his cigarette out the window and forgetting to put the gas cap back on. The other people getting gas looked at me questioningly, so I just shrugged. I know I'm under the contractor umbrella, and I can accept that, but I still like to take at least a but of pride in my work. Are other Ground drivers like this in your areas?
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    All of them.
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    This is like saying all couriers deliver envelopes only. It's an absurd generalization.
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    Thank you for your professionalism..
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    Unless I was standing there in my uniform to which it might be perceived by a bystander that we were both doing said actions I wouldn't worry about it. He'll do it in the wrong place and it will catch up to him.

    ​We can't be everyone's babysitter.
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    I've heard some Ground guys with serious potty-mouth issues in public a couple of times, but smoking while fueling is a level of stupid that I have thankfully not seen in many years...from anyone.
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    Yep, not my problem. Up to his manager, ISP, or whomever is responsible to deal with. Me I would have said nothing and left the area PDQ in case there was a fire. I work for FedEx not Federal Express.
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    First one of those ever on BC!
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    I didn't even know Ground trucks could shut off.. they are always idling, with no driver when I see them.
  10. LOL. I idle everywhere. If there was a way to leave it in drive and not even put it on Park, I would do it.
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    Just leave it in drive and put the emergency brake on! Lol
  12. I thought of that. But its actually more work to do that that just putting in on P. My theory at Ground is to move as little as possible. My leg weighs much more than my arm, so the energy required to press down on the brake is greater than the energy it takes to shift the shifter. It's all about energy conservation at Ground brah. I'm really fat because I eat cheese puffs all day. Those poor sweat shop workers who make the FedEx shorts in Mexico must spend all day on my size 52's. Great ideas though.
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    I was del'ing to a major customer one day and the ground guy pulls up with his radio blasting and makes a del with the radio blasting the whole time.
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    How do you stay so fat with those 14 hour days? 3 stops per hour?
  15. What a scrub. Ground is a scam because of drivers like that ^^^
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    Ground drivers leave their trucks running because they probably wouldn't be able to re-start them if they shut it off. I'm serious.
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    Not me, I talk about gambling too!
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    I do have the loudest stereo in my terminal, and what isn't the loudest I did install. I'm not kidding. I am the go-to guy at 0532 for such needs. I think I have done 20+trucks. flip down gps, I do it all.
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    Job security.
  20. Mr Fed Ex, us Ground drivers leave our trucks running because we lazy. 90 stops per day = 90 times turning off the ignition + 90 times turning it back on. Thats 180 turns bro. That takes a lot of energy. Each turn takes 2 seconds, so that's 360 seconds, or 6 minutes. Might want to check my math, as I'm drinking boxed wine. It's all I can afford. Until BB Sam gives me a raise.