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    I have been pt as an unloader for three years which is fine, but my other job is starting to go TU, does anybody have any tips for writing a good letter to get promoted or know where there is a template on the web somewhere? Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by TU and also am not sure if you are talking about a promotion letter for that job or for UPS. If it is UPS, get with your HR person as that person should have a sample letter that you can use. Good luck.
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    Promoted to what?
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    TU= t*ts up
    or going out of business
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    I believe you can find a sample letter of intent on sure where exactly but I do recall seeing it...Otherwise try your HR rep.
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    Well since Kenmei has dissapeared maybe head taper uper? :funny:
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    Wouldn`t one of the skills looked for in a candidate be the ability to formulate a promotion letter?
  8. DS

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    Letter of intent.
    Request for promotion.
    I have been employed with ups 3 years now,and believe this company is the best darn company in the whole world.
    I have proved I can do my current job way better than most of the other thieving doggers I want to fire.
    I promise to give every second of my life to the company,regardless of personel comittments.I will double shift,work for free and do everything necessary to get things done whatever it takes.
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    You forgot:
    I will still perform hourly work as long as noone in the Union complains.
    I will tell a guy that I know is giving me his best that he needs to do better.
    Etc., etc., etc.
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    Sorry, but I don't believe in assisted suicide.
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    How about Google.:surprised:
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    What job is he trying to get promoted to?
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    I dunno......................he just wanted to know how to make a promo letter. I kinda thought DS was on track with the BS!:wink2:
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    I think the OP is trying to get promoted to Driver. I think you'll find that letter of "intent" at UPS' listed under, "driver promotions".:wink2:
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    That could be Steven. :dont_know: I was just going by his original post that asked about a template on the web. Google would be a good place to start instead of here.
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    I think moving into management, especially at this time ,is considered a demotion not a promotion. 'careful what you wish for
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    That is 100% correct, but live and learn so they say!