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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jrf4life, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I have been working at an ups in georgia for five years. i have never been promoted to a preferred job. i sign the bid sheets every year and see people with less senority get promoted while i am still loading trucks. i want to cover drive and see people who have not gone to cover driving school, can't drive a 5 speed, and with less senority than me.:angry: I was told by some people with more senority than me to go to human resources and irritate them until i get a job. how should i handle this ?
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    eh? preferred job? that is part-time language.

    You want to cover driver, that's full-time. Different animal...
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    File a grievance. File a grievance. File a grievance. First, make your case as clear and valid as possible. Ask for back pay. I am in a Georgia too, and we had a guy who found out he was passed over for cover driving. His case ended up at panel about 9 months later. He just got his 30 days and received his back pay check for $10's of thousands of dollars. He stayed on the BA and the Steward and did not give up. He had a thorough case and backed it up with proof.
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    Thanks !
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    Cover driving is not full time. There is no forty hour guarantee, you are paid 85% the top rate, you are credited with a PT pension year not a FT one(although you can receive a FT vacation if you work enough reports).
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    Up here in NE covers are different than what you're saying. My understand is they're top rate and full-time. Sometimes I forget theres more than our little world of UPS out there, and all those supplements!