PT Air Gateway Package Handler duties (AZ)

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  1. JL13

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    I’m just hoping to get some information as to how Air Gateway work compares to HUB work. I just moved to AZ, coming from CA. I worked preload back in CA for about a year, left for a better immediate opportunity at that time - fast forward some time, I’m now in AZ. Ideally the Goodyear HUB would have open opportunity, but it does not. I’ve been seeing Mesa, PHX & Tempe opening and closing opportunities over the past few weeks. Today I happened to check openings and the PHX Air Gateway opened up, first time seeing that, and it caught my eye because there’s a ‘day’ shift available (1-7:30) - that midday timeframe fits me much better than sunrise & twilight at this time. Coming from a preload position (I unloaded & scanned), what should I expect in actual job duty? Realistic expected shift hours?

    Is the road to driving about the same timeframe as it is in CA, which was about 6-8 years when I was with UPS two years ago.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ibleedbrown

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    Are Phoenix hubs air conditioned?
  3. UPSER1987

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    No AC but there’s swamp cooling in there. Stay away from the Phx building at all costs. It’s a complete hellhole and s*** show. Mesa Tempe Goodyear and Gateway are much better choices.
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    Do they even have package drivers at PHX
  5. UPSER1987

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    Of course
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    How bad does the heat get in the buildings out there? Goodyear is a new facility right? Phoenix area is developing quick there must be a ton of work and need for employees.
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    Yes, Goodyear is about a year old brand new building. Phoenix always needs and ft. It’s just an outdated, over capacity building. That is why there are so many problems there.
  8. SaladTosser

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    I don’t know much about Arizona, but I know that working at a gateway is a lot easier than working at a hub
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    Is the Estrella Center location the PHX location you’re speaking of, off 73rd & the 10?

    Going down a few posts to the comment mentioning gateways are much easier work than at a hub. Any particular reasoning for that? I guess that’s my original question, how the two compare. All I have experience with is unloading at sunrise, that’s the standard I think of when working PT for UPS.
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    Yes The Estrella building is at 73rd and the I10.

    The volume and package sizes are much less at a Gateway than a hub. At the Gateway you spend a lot of time waiting