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    Are PT sup's eligible for a pension? Anybody know the cost of healthcare for a family as a PT sup?
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    There are two types of insurance coverage that you can choose from. A lower deductable and a more expensive deductable, pricing is accordingly. I have a family of four on my plan right now, but my kids are not on the vision and dental yet. I pay over $71 a week right now and the coverage compared to what I had when I was in the union is not as good. Depending on your circumstances, I would really consider this position, just saying from experience on both sides of the fence here, it may look like there is not much to the job, but when all they see is a number at the end of the day. PERIOD That is the primary concern, and you will hear about it all day long. There is no concern for a job well done or this person has a 6 car pull, no none of that just get the job done, don't matter how, also be prepared to work, I have worked as much being a pt. sup as I did when I was hourly. My surgeon didn't want to release me for me to go back to my hourly job, but was willing to release me if I took the pt sup job, because was supposed to be less physical. Just my two cents on this..
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    honestly if you're worried about benefits or a pension you can't beat the Teamsters