PT to FT. 30 in 90. Pension report shows FT???

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    I'm a 40 yr. UPS retiree trying to get some info for my son, now a 12 yr. PT loader who has been a seasonal Driver both summer and peek for 7/8 years. Contract says ( Ohio ) he must work 30 of 90 consecutive days after January 1 to be considered FT. He will have 18 by the end of the week due to to Valentines day. Question is, what are consecutive days. He wants to think 90 working days but we all know its calendar days but I'm not absolutely sure.

    Also, another employee said in a past contract it read if you work 6 consecutive seasonal or free periods, you are automatically full time.

    It's been a fiasco because the last two years they have changed him to FT insurance back to PT back to Ft and now he got a report showing his Full Time pension credits!!!

    Anyone have any educated input on this? He's a great driver and management wants him but even though he keeps getting FT paperwork UPS won't give it the ok. He is not the most senior PT employee wanting to drive but is the only one to go seasonal and get qualified as a driver.
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    It's 30 working days in 90 calender days to make book. I believe the reason why his insurance keep changing to ft to pt is because he works ft hours then pt hours back and forth.
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    I know that this is your son and you want the best for him, but he gotta wait in line for his turn, no matter how much managements love him.
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    I agree and I have told him the same. However, he has already worked 18 days in 43 calendar days (out of 31 actual working days) this year. So by contract, if he gets his 30, those with more seniority have no one but themselves to blame, should he jump over them. A rash of injuries, spiking volume during weather delays and a lot of guys just plain calling off because they are still working peak hours is creating work opportunities.

    I'm also concerned about the full time / part time pension credit causing problems down the road. Nobody seems to be able to figure out or correct that problem.
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    Did he work as a seasonal driver in Oct? Days prior to Nov 1 count toward 30 in 90 if he was recalled in January. He should be talking to both his steward and BA.
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    Not this year but he did last year. That's where we think the full time insurance and pension may have come into play. He ended up with I think 27 days in 90 last year. In all honesty, I think if he ever got to where he could actually get the 30, they would let a run sit undelivered before they would actually put him on the road and create the headaches created by a lower seniority man going FT.
    Feel bad for him because we actually have two centers about 15 miles apart and had he gone to the other center he would have been full time 5/6 years ago.

    Not getting a lot of help from any union reps.
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    Would they have to actually hire some drivers if he would refuse to work? I know it sucks but if all these guys would refuse to do seasonal the company would have no choice but it hire ft drivers.