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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kingOFchester, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. kingOFchester

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    Today was a day for me to relax. Grabbed a book (Punching in) by Alex Frankel. Sat by the pool in the shade and listened to the screams, laughter and sounds of the frequent cannon balls coming from my kids. Good day! Anyway..... Alex, the writer, decided write a book about front-line employees. He signed up and worked as a Peak helper for UPS. In less then 1 month he made a brilliant observation:

    "You can not push efficiency to the absolute limit or you will loose the human touch that built loyal customers."

    1 month he had more sense then the powers above......
  2. iamupser

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    WE should LOBBY our Representatives to sign up for that during peak, instead of dog & pony show UPS puts on when they come around!
  3. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    I just picked up a copy from Amazon.com to read while I'm on vacation in a few weeks.
  4. Jigawatts

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    There is no substitute for common sense.
  5. packageguy

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    Plain and simple, they don't care, because in the eyes there is always someone behind you wanting that job. So they push and push.
  6. kingOFchester

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    As they push, they are pushing customers away too, and there will not always be another customer waitting in line. There will be Fred waitting with open arms...... as of now, Fred may not be as good as us, but as time goes on I wouldnt be surprised to see Fred become as big as UPS. He saves a lot of money in taxes and labor costs.
  7. packageguy

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    Very good point, That is why I am always in trouble, costumer always comes first, I still give costumer service, like the 1 st day I started. Medication, paychecks qvc, I don't care I still do it right, and it drives them crazy.