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    Billionaire Offers $1 Million Dollars to Anyone Who Streaks Nude in Front of Obama

    by DFX August 18, 2010 22:50 A British billionaire is urging anyone to streak naked in front of the U.S. president, and he's increasing his reward from $100,000 up to $1 million.
    From Blogsphere:
    This idiot should know better .. that Obama wouldn't get turned on by such a thing
    "I have nothing against him, I think he's an awesome human being, I really do. He just happens to be the wrong president at the wrong time," Alki David of Filmontv told CNBC.

    David, 42, who is heir to a shipping and bottle-plant empire, and is ranked 45th on the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated fortune of $1.79 billion, is offering the prize to get publicity for his new Battlecam page. The website offers people thousands of dollars to broadcast their outrageous stunts live online.

    Contestants looking to get nude in front of Obama also have to have the name of the website written across their belly.
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    In Denver, a citizen walking his dog observed police pull over a driver for failing to stop at a stop sign. The citizen informed the driver he'd seen him/her stop and was willing to testify on the driver's behalf. Here is video of the news story from Denver and you can decide for yourself.