Pvds and helpers working saturdays

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  1. Sometimes things happen that you have no control over.
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    Sounds good but in reality most of them do not want to work on Saturday so that is why PVD's and helpers work on the weekend.
  3. Besides not wanting to working on Saturday is only part of the problem. Many of the guys that work a 6th day gets ticked off when they get penalized on Monday with a split route because they worked in Saturday.
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    And that chicken neck selfie he took
    Would love to see another one after his 60 lb weight gain
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    I’m sure they do. You should have probably started by reading the OP.
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    Three weeks ago buddy. The last comments were from 12/22/19.
    I know that you needed a thread bump. Hope this helps.
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    sorry didn’t mean to offend a millennial. I’m not attached to my phone.