Qualifying - is it possible to scratch these days?

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    So, I am qualifying - or rather attempting to qualify - but I am told by experienced drivers that it is pretty much impossible to 'scratch'. If I dont then how can I qualify... a lil confusing. Any tips on how to make allowance without getting in trouble? With telematix I cant work through my lunch, I dont know what to do. Any advice would be great!
  2. superballs63

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    You can work through lunch, the company doesn't care, but the union would. You want to scratch, walk at a slightly faster pace and you'd be fine
  3. DS

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    What you are missing is mostly doing everything you can to increase your planned day.
    Sure,brisk pace,waste no time anywhere,and following the methods will help but....
    Enter everything you do in the board.Overweights,special counts, get out of the bldg ASAP.
    You will look much better on paper if you do more miles,if you pick up a lot of pieces,have a few COD's,
    You get 3 minutes for a COD.I've found it makes a HUGE difference if you get a signature whenever possible.
    Yes it is possible.I had to laugh, one day I picked up 5,200 letters and the OR the next day said I ran 4 hours under.
    One day soon you will have an easy day with no BS deliveries,and you will do it....get signatures
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    DS, I'm surprised they didn't have you code the 5,200 letters separate from your other pickup pieces. We had a bulk stop that shipped out a lot of envelopes and we used to code them as 9901 which gave us a lower time allowance.
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    That coding out crap ticks me off. If the 5,200 pieces were 40 pounders each they wouldn't give extra time would they? UPS got the same revenue off all 5,200 envelopes; why should the driver take a cut in pay because they were a little easier that day? "It all averages out" only when it's the driver who is getting the shaft.
  6. Cementups

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    Yes. If my load is good I can run scratch or better, especially if I don't talk to anyone that day.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    Hire a helper on your own and have them runoff the packages.
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    You can work thru break just don't deliver. Most of my break during training was spent sorting though the truck and setting the truck up perfectly.
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    Way to give a newbie information that will get him fired. I know you are kidding, and you know you are kidding, but the OP may not be.
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  10. TearsInRain

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    the drivers that get back early are the ones that take the time to sort their trucks, either in the morning or on their break

    just bite the bullet and sort through your lunch until you get seniority, then do what you want
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    It is possible to scratch and take your two tens and lunch without working through them. This year I bonus every week. I take my first break and second break at the same stop everyday. And have lunch at the same place every day. Granted UPS just did a new time study the previous year. But I've never changed my routine before or after the study.
  12. Jones

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    Were you told specifically that you wouldn't qualify unless you ran scratch? That hasn't been a requirement around here for years. I'm pretty sure that if go out there every day and just do your best that you'll be fine.
  13. Omega man

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    Why instruct new employees to do things wrong? If every new employee did the job by the book and didn't work through lunch and breaks and ran over-plan, UPS would have to change the bogus requirement of running scratch. Its pretty pathetic seeing a manager trying to put new drivers on the few scratchable routes in the center. UPS upper-management has created all this hypocrisy. Let them suffer for it. When they don't hire people, the rest of us should get on the Opt-In and make them pay triple time for all overtime until they get realistic with the new people and change their requirements for hire.
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    Thanks for the work!