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    I've been a part timer on the local sort for 8 years. My chance to go full time is finally here. I've drove seasonal in the winter the past 2 years and I like driving. It's a challenge and almost impossible sometimes but worth it. My average day during peak was 160 to 170 stops..about 300-350 packages. I had a helper and got back to the center anywhere from 6 to 7pm. It was tough but I enjoyed driving a whole lot more then sort. So with that said..

    What is running scratch all about? I've heard drivers talking about it and I know I need 5 days of scratch in a row. I know I can do the job but this scratch talk has me kind of flustered right now. I'll be qualifying in an area I really don't know to well..any tips?
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    a route has a time allowance assigned to it...when you run the route and finish a minute or two under or over or that exact time allowed is called scratch!!
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    Making scratch must be a new thing to qualify to drive. If you keep your feet moving and don't do a lot of BSing with the customers you will be fine. Your center manager will have a good idea if UPS will keep you after the first week on the road.
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    When I qualified you were supposed to have 5 days in a row under plan to make it. If you were close you could still make it but that would be management's decision. The concept of scratch has quietly faded away along with realistic time allowances. Now if you work hard and don't wreck, and show you will be able to do the job and show constant improvement you will make it. As long as you know the bs stuff like DOK.
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    Scratch is an imaginary number they make up, I wouldn't pay attention to it. As long as you don't wreck and get the job done without being super super over, you should be ok. If they try and disqualify you for their imaginary numbers, file a grievance on it, because they know they cant disqualify you for that. File file file.
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    aw, come on jump... even you said to bend some rules like coming in early to setup your van & get printouts of your delivery area so you can plan your NDAs first then either follow Orion or EDD...

    OP, look at all the other various threads, like the following:



    don't get into an accident while you're on-the-road trying to qualify
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    Yeah but rookies probably aint going to do that. Veterans know the tricks lol.
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    No printouts of area though and don't follow the dol cause of the idiot dispatches lol.
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    We don't have orion yet..only EDD. It seems that dispatch can really :censored2: you over if you're absolutely glued in on EDD. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Vacation season soon means your center will need bodies to drive. Keep track of all your 30 driving in 90 calendar days on a paper calendar.

    Do your best, but most of all work safe. No accidents or tickets. Talk to veteran drivers if you have questions about areas, the DIAD, when & how to sort, & etc.

    You'll prob. qualify & your OC's or center manager won't even know it. Unless you're godawful. Either way, like others are saying, if it comes down to you qualifying or not & mgmt. says you're out, file a grievance.

    Learn the 10 point commentary & 5 seeing habits. Hell, they've been shoving them down our throat at our center, especially us newer drivers, so we don't fail another audit.

    Good luck!

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  15. Great advice! This is exactly what I do when I'm delivering.
    Most customers think im a coldhearted robot who doesn't give two $...T's and just want to make another delivery.
    They are correct.
    Whenever a customer starts talking about anything other than why I'm there(to deliver soda) I quickly change the focus back to the matter at hand.

    I'm not here to make friends nor enemies.I'm just here to deliver this soda.
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    Do what you do soldier
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    lol at the pepsi sign on top

    ok derail time:

    why add an additional 10-point commentary when they're just a re-hash of the 5 seeing habits??? that's just being too redundant

    so as long as you do this:

    but not this:

    i can join your brownie group?
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    Scratch is what you do when your itchy.......
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    Hard to believe that someone that has been at UPS 8 years and a cover driver for 2 does not know about scratching a route.

    Sounds like BS to me.
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    To be fair, he was a seasonal driver, not cover, but you would still think that he would have heard the word "scratch" at least once in that 2 years.