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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by kidlogic, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. kidlogic

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    I have recently noticed on Gateway computer deliveries that only 1 box of the usual 3 has the signature required barcode affixed to it, but the other 2 boxes still have signature required written on the boxes. I am wondering 3 things...Do we charge Gateway for the other 2 packages to have signatures because the have written SIGNATURE REQUIRED on them. If the shipment gets broken up can we leave say the 2 that dont have the barcode for a signature as Driver release even though they say Signature Required on them. 3 is the Driver resposible for say a good driver release but gets stolen when the package barcode does not prompt them to get a signature.
    I understand how 98% time we deliver all three at one time and how wasteful it is to pay for 3 signatures. I have been adding the sinature required charge to the other 2 boxes. What is the right way to sheet these packages to please both UPS and Gateway. This thread is not slander or a racial slur....I cant change my colors all at once guys give me a break [​IMG]
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    3 is the Driver resposible for say a good driver release but gets stolen when the package barcode does not prompt them to get a signature.

    If the package gets stolen then it wasn't a good driver release. As far as I know, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the customer gets the package. I personally would never leave a Dell or Gateway box without getting a signature, whether the barcode requires it or not.
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    Why would anyone DR a computer and put all the responsibilty of that shipment on themselves
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    The heart of my post is how to properly bill gateway. I niether want to bill Gateway too much or cheat UPS out of due revenue.
    The bad dr thing. Lots of young drivers will only get signatures when prompted. I would want to warn my fellow driver of the risk of not getting a signature of these parcells that dont prompt you.
  5. browndude

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    in this case i enter it in the diad as a signature required pkg i don't see how gateway can argue when they have it on the label signature required
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    anyone else
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    Never DR a computer unless you are willing to pay for it. Same goes with anything that looks expensive. Doesn't matter whether it asks for a signature or not. You will be held responsible either way. We are expected to use common sense. That's not too much to ask actually. Also pay attention with your COD's. If it says money order or cashiers check make sure that is what you get. Don't think you will not be held responsible for that also. I've seen both happen here.
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    the question is...does gateway get billed for the packages that say signature required ,but dont have the code built into the bar code to get billed for the signature.......anyone in sales who might know this
  9. dammor

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    Answer is no.
  10. dannyboy

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    Dammor is correct in saying that they do not get billed for the other sig. required that you enter in the computer. THey pay for the one that has the code 42 in the barcode. If UPS does not deliver all the boxes at the same time, that is not their fault, therefore no extra charges for the signatures. And as has been posted, they are one of the largest accounts, so we dont want to screw things up.