Question about 22.3 pay rate?

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    I am trying to sort out what my current pay rate should be. I started part time (pre-load) in '87. Full time package car driver in '90. In 2008, I entered into a 22.3 position (inside/inside). Was at top of full time progression, obviously. Should my wage be based on a FT inside employee (22.62 plus the wage increases that bring it to 24.82), or is my wage based on what my part time rate would be if I had remained part time. I am currently working next to part timers who started a few years after me, doing identical work, that are making more per hour than I am. Somehow this seems wrong! Either way, they've got my wage incorrect, and I'd like to know which it is so when I file I have it written accurately.

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    Your wage as an Inside/Inside Article 22.3 employee is determined by Article 41, Section 3, based on the General Wage Increases listed in Article 41, Section 1. You should be making $24.445 if I calculated right.

    Some high-seniority part-timers will make more than you if they have more years with the Company, or if they qualified for a series of part-timer "catch-up" raises paid to them several contracts ago.

    If you had an Article 22.3 combo job where one portion of the job was Air Driving, then your Inside portion payrate would be determined by your total Company seniority (as if you were a part-timer for your entire career right up to the present.)

    If you entered an Inside/Inside Article 22.3 job directly as a high-seniority part-timer who's pay rate exceeded the Article 22.3 rate, you would have kept that higher rate.
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    You are FT worker (22.3) not PT so your pay rate is based on your FT job and senority date for that job.
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    And should you move from this outside/inside to a inside/inside then you will lose the higher rate as what happened to me, lost $100 a week. However someone who had never driven ( another Year 1 combo ), has always worked inside stays at his high part time rate, roughly $5/hr more.
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    Hmmmm...... are Article 22's only lose seniority for that position not pay.
    I have seen one go from carwash/preload sort to preload sort/shift no loss in pay same as one went preload clerk/preload sort to preload sort/driver helper no loss in pay.
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    The language below protects Article 22.3 transfers between Inside/Inside jobs. Teamster negotiators did not provide a similar protection for transfers to or from an Article 22.3 job involving Air Driving (an "outside" job.)

    Section 3. Full-time Inside Wages
    The rates in this Section shall not apply to any full-time inside jobs guaranteed in Article 22, Section 2 created prior to August 1, 1997.

    Part-time employees whose rates are higher than those set forth below who bid into a full-time inside job covered by this Section shall be paid their current inside wage rate plus the general wage increases.

    Other part-time employees who bid into a full-time inside job covered by this Section will be red circled at their current wage rate until such time as the calculated progression rate set forth below exceeds that rate. The transfer date will become his/her full-time start date for purposes of applying the progression set forth below. A part-time employee shall not lose the red circle protection provided by this paragraph as a result of transferring from one full-time inside job to another full-time inside job.