question about 2da now delivered by 1030

anybody have any info on this and know when this is starting. It was part of the rate increase info on Usually most routes are running nda up to 1015-1030, now you throw a few more 2da into the mix???Is this service goint to be an extra fee, or is it standard for all 2day air??


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From what I read it is only the 2da am service. Which is fine with me I always forget about those noon commits.


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Just went to, and the shipping options are still the same (including 2 day air and 2 day air AM).

No 2 day by 10:30.
why didnt ups buy all of mbe

ups is being sued my mbe owners as bad as fedex is being sued by fedex ground drivers. Why in the hell didnt ups buy mail box etc outright, and make them all ups employees like fedex and kinkos? this happens, the pilots are going crazy, when can this company get going and just start being rock solid again. why does ups have to drag out a contract for 4 years. Why does ups ALWAYS have to step over a dollar to grab a penny!!!


answer to question

According to round ups it starts Jan. 2nd, 2006.
Which should be great because days that I have 20 or more NDAs stops Im
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