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I recently completed my 30 day packet as a TCD and on my 30th day signed the part time to full time pool bid. 1 week later I was notified that I won the bid and my pt status was changed to ft. Today I came to work expecting to run a route and was told we didn’t have anything available so my ors gave me air to deliver and a few packages to shuttle I worked a total of 5 hrs and was sent home. My question is what is the rate of pay for a full time employee to deliver air and also the rate to shuttle packages to other drivers


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What about when doing air work?
If your a FT seniority employee here you’re guaranteed 8 hours. If you punch in you get 8 hours. I’d recommmend you talk to a full time steward. Let management know that you “need” to work. If you’re the most junior person working then it gets dicey. I wasn’t completely joking when I said to get a map book. You will more than likely be sent out on the blind. Work safe and follow the methods. Production is not your problem. If you’ve got FT seniority then use it, otherwise you’ll get trampled repeatedly.

Edit: Make sure you talk to a steward, TCD language varies depending on your location.
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