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  1. BrownDown4now

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    I am a cover driver and i was disqualified about 2 years ago over some bs. I didnt even come close to going a year without driving, i have drove prob atleast 20 days since then, but now they are letting less senior guys drive in front of me. Do i have to go back to driving school, or since i drove is my disqualification null and void? Should i still get back in line with my senority?
  2. UnsurePost

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    Not sure what your local supplement says.

    Here if you are DQ, you can try to requalify after 1 year but have to go back to driving school and requalify that way.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sleeve, how is he able to drive now if he was DQ?
  4. UPSGUY72

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    Why did you getting DQ'd as you say ? If you are DQ how are you driving ? Are you driving AIR or covering a route when you drive NOW ? Do you work on the preload or local sort or did you get hired from the outside to cover.

    In order to assist you with your question we need more info.
  5. BrownDown4now

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    I work on the pre-load. I drive air. How can i cover drive if i am disqualified?
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    I take it you drive Air on Sat. If that is the case you are not a cover driver you are a Sat AIR driver that they use when they need somebody to drive on Saturdays. In order to become a cover driver / FT driver you need to sign the drivers list they put up in Jan to become a Driver. Sat Air driver have no senority over FT cover drivers they no rights to drive it is a opportunity to learn that the company doesn't have to do. Meaning there might be people with less company senority than you that are FT cover driver becasue they signed the drivers list and completed there 30 day probation period. I'm guessing that you got DQ during your 30 day probation period meaning you can still drive Sat Air. But need to re-apply to become a FT cover driver by signing the list in Jan and waiting, going to drivers school again and complete another 30 day probation period.

    I would ask you Steward and read your local rider to see what rules apply.
  7. BrownDown4now

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    I was in the process of getting my 30 days in. They are letting other drivers that are below me that dont have their 30 day either drive in front of me.
  8. UnsurePost

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    article 40 air and regular FT driving are two different animals. For ex, just before peak last year: I was mutually DQ'd from FT driving (bid cover position), however the center manager offered Saturday air work at X-Mas and beyond.
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    Once you became D/Q in your training packet, you will not be able to drive full time again until your waiting period is complete, and you retake the qualification school. These lower seniority drivers are either in their 30 day packet, or completed it without being D/Q. Your seniority means nothing towards full time driving until after your wait period. At which time you can reapply to the school and will be placed on the wait list by seniority.

    Saturday air driving is completely seperate from full time driving(cover driver)

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    The part that these guys are telling you that you seem to not be grasping is if you get disqualified as you call it in your probation period you lose your place in line and people below you will go ahead of you. Now if they get DQd then they will end up behind you again and the people below them will go. The strange thing for me to here is that you got DQd while in your probation period. What did you do? The guy below me got in an accident back when he was going through his probation and he didnt get DQd.