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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by seawalocal174, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I am a part time sorter and started work on 5/04/2008 and I am unsure of the day I gained seniority. I think it is after 90 calender days so it should be 8/01/08.

    Currently I make $11 an hour under current part time 2008-2013 contract. I am wondering if I really should be making more.

    I am thinking that the timing of my seniority date and the start/end of the two contracts puts my payrate in a grey area?

    Ok so old contract wage progression:

    Hourly Rate

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    Sorter Others
    Start $ 9.50 $8.50
    Start plus ninety (90) calendar days $10.00 $9.00
    Seniority plus one (1) year $10.50 $9.50
    Seniority plus two (2) years $11.00 $10.00
    Seniority plus three (3) years $11.50 $10.50
    Seniority plus four (4) years $12.25 $11.2

    My 90th calender day is aug 1st 2008. would i have gained seniority under the 2002-2008 contract or the 2008-2013 contract? also is it from your hire date or your first day worked?

    I was hired on april 28 2008 if that matters?

    if anyone can help me out it is much appreciated thank you
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    Seattle, Washington? So you're under the same regional agreement that's plaguing a couple of coworkers at my center who are in your exact same position. Your probationary period (as outlined in Article 4 Section 1 Part (c)) is sixty working days in a consecutive six month period. At the end of your probationary period, you gain seniority, and your seniority date is set at your hire date.

    If you didn't put in sixty working days before the contract change, you're under the new pay progression. Check with your Steward and your Supervisors and make them investigate your first sixty days.
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    Seawalocal174, you could also check the union bulletinboard where the Seniority List should be posted.

    All part-timers are under the "new" progression as of 8/1/08. Any part-timer who attained seniority by 8/1/08 also gets the General Wage Increases every August 1st and February 1st. Newer part-timers who attained seniority after 8/1/08 don't get the General Wage Increases.
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    Your 90th day is August 4th, not August 1st, you might be out of luck. These three days, might make the difference.