Question about start/finish times.

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    Hey guys I have a question for those of you who have a life outside of UPS :) No offense to those that don't.

    As a single father, I have commitments to my child & as of the start of peak season my start and stop times have became an issue I didn't think I would have when I started.

    First off, regarding start times. We start at 10:00 am. But about 2 days a week they have us come in at 9 am. This poses a problem between my daughters mothers schedule and mine, and as well with our daughters childcare.

    Secondly, regarding our end times. Its totally unpredictable, which is okay as long as within reason. But today we come into work and we have 122 loads! The most I've done in my 2 months is 85. So everyone is talking about how we're going to be working till like 9pm. Im like okay...well we'll see what happens. So 4:30 comes around and I ask my sup what time she thinks we'll be leaving and she tells me probably 8. Im like okay.... I have to leave at 6:30 because my daughters daycare closes at 7pm, and rates for after hour care are $$$. I left at 6:30, which was 8.5 hours into my day.

    Needless to say, I understand the job I signed up for. I just need some suggestions on how to handle these issue's from someone who had experienced them. Whats UPS policy on mandatory OT? Working after 8.5 hours for PT package handlers.

    I hate to leave before the front end is even done, and I ALWAYS am one to jump out of the trailer and help out on the floor, so im irritated with myself that I have to leave early.

    Hopefully you all have some much needed advice for me.
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    Let your sup know whats going on and hopefully they'll help ya out...Good luck :happy2:
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    You already know that this job requires flexibility and at times your start/finish times will vary. While it is important for all employees to have a strong support network, it is that much more so for single parents, whether it is dealing with daycare or all of the school functions. Do you have family in the area that could help out for the next 13 days or so?
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    was a single mom of 4 at one point i hired someone to care for my kids till i got home. a senior in school. she would pick them up from after school care and then stay untill i got home. best i can offer in the way of advice.
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    I would suggest the same as what mama said. Find a third party that you and mom can agree on. Some one that you can trust to care for your child for the couple of extra hours. High school students in your neighborhood can be a great source.
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    Talk to your management team about your situation. If you are in good standing with them, they should get you out when needed considering your situation.
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    Best to just get use to it. It is not going to change.