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    Hey I'm a potential Part-time package handler. I just finished the first "orientation" interview and my second interview is in a few days. (wish me luck) anyways I'm currently a college student. For the fall semester I have tentative plans to move to another city to pursue my education at a different college. The commute isn't feasible if I get the job at UPS so I was wondering what are my chances for a transfer if I can even get one. I know about the educational transfer but will that effect my one year commitment to UPS? Since i'll be a first year do I not get the privilege of educational transferring? I haven't made up my mind yet, but I would really hate to have to quit and never be able to get hired again by UPS because I wanted to change schools within my first year on the job. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Most districts require one year of service before an educational transfer...although YDMV. I wouldn't even begin to tell you who to ask...I guess HR or your union rep once you figure out who he/she is. Good luck!
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    Let's not put the cart before the horse first you need to get hired then you need to start working then you need to make your 30 days.

    When you go in for a second interview you could ask the HR person how educational transfer work in that area ( how long need to be working for UPS and how much time in advance do you have to request one. If you can't get a educational transfer this coming fall that could be a deal breaker for you as you would have to quit working for UPS and that pretty much end any future chances of getting a job at UPS.
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    Actually if they are a good employee the OP could likely put in their two weeks quit then get rehired where ever they are moving.

    The chances of an educational transfer I would say are slim to none. If you quit and get rehired we are only talking a few months seniority anyway.

    Like you said though the OP has to get hired first.
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    No offense, but I'm fairly confident I would get the job. the problem is i dont want to get the job if i'm eventually going to have to quit and never be able to work for UPS. Like you said, i'm basically setting myself to fail if i do have to leave because i wont get rehired. I'm going to just hold off from the UPS job for right now and apply again when i'm in a comfortable position to commit a year.
    Thanks for the insight it really did help
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    Good luck but remember UPS isn't the military you don't have to commit to working for UPS a month, year or what ever if you want to leave you are free to leave at anytime and they can't do a thing about it.