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  1. OneMoreRobot

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    So in a month I have to go to school to become my shifts designated management hazmat responder and I was told I have to go to a UPS clinic to get a respiratory physical. Well I was just wondering if they are going to drug test me during this physical? I'm not a heroin addict or anything but I do smoke marijuana and would hate to lose my job over a surprise test. I'm just wondering if anyone in management has gone threw this and if they can fill me in on the details please. Also if you could tell me how long ago you went that would be great. (things might have changed in 5 years ya know)


  2. UPSNewbie

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    Drugs = find a new job.
  3. hyena

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    An answer to your question yes they drugtest
  4. OneMoreRobot

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    Its pot......Grow up

    thank you, what kinda test is it and how do you know this?
  5. ih8tbrn

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    I thought it was a condition of employment at UPS to be on drugs.
  6. ih8tbrn

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    LOL......that's showing him who the adult is.
  7. trplnkl

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    There I fixed it for ya.
  8. OneMoreRobot

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    Sooooooooo much love on this forum. Were getting off topic here but some people enjoy having a few beers after work, some enjoy a joint. I don't want to get into a debate on the "devil herb" in here, I was just wondering if anyone could answer my question.
  9. rod

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    I can hear the conversation now:

    Far out man - we got a leaker. Lets go check it out-- but first I need another Twinkie
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    Yah grow up since you are the adult asking about losing your job because you smoke pot, hah find a new job
  11. bluehdmc

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    Why don't you just play it safe, don't smoke the evil weed for a month, drink the tea or whatever that flushes out your system and you should be fine.

    I don't want to get into the debate either but...... if you gotta question like this.......maybe you got a problem??????????

    And if you can't last a month, I would say you definetly have a problem.

    If they told you not to eat strawberrys for a month and you had to sneak a strawberry, you might have a problem.
  12. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned answer this guys question. I was at an HR(not UPS related) seminar a couple months back and it seems that a lot of employers are doing the hair follicle test now which will show positives much longer than a month, so if that's the test they do then OP is SOL unless he can withhold toking up for say 6 months or so.
  13. Ms Spoken

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    Or he could shave his head and dont forget all the hair on your body. hummmm you just might have a problem
  14. pickup

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    yeah, I know some trucking companies are doing the hair test and they don't advertise that they do it this way. A lot of guys flush out , abstain for a month and show up at the orientations only to be confronted with a urine and hair test. They pass the urine test and fail the hair test. This particular company only does it with the drivers that have to handle hazmat loads with placards on truck.
  15. brownrodster

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    Quoted for truth. way back when I was hired, half the PT shift went to their car during break to smoke a d00b.
  16. sexyupsman

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    My driver has told me that he gets tested annually for drugs, I would be very careful not to take a test unless you are clean for at least 30 days. NO SMOKING WEED! I am a pot smoker and know for a fact that 30 days clean is actually pushing it and just to be safe go to GNC and get a system cleaning kit. They cost about 40 bucks but are guaranteed to work. Good luck! DONT SMOKE!
  17. pickup

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    Says it all. You know when your drug test is coming. Its not a pop quiz. So abstain, if you can't you have a problem .
  18. brownrodster

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    I am a driver and I have never been tested for drugs, nor have I ever heard of anyone being tested for drugs. I know hazmat responders who wouldn't have made it had they been tested for drugs.

    At the physical they do make you pee in a cup. But it's not for drug testing. They check for other physical problems.

    The only people I know of that require drug testing at UPS are feeder drivers.

    If UPS drug tested then they would have a difficult time staffing their warehouses.
  19. UnsurePost

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    I dont have an answer to the thread authors question. It's most likely NOT a drug test but a reg physical exam, but I don't know that for sure.

    What's funny is, when I'm coming into work through the parking lot(s), I smell more pot coming out of supervisors vehicles than union hourlies. Infact last week a car full of PT sups, 3 of them I think, were smoking pot in the parking lot and the odor walking by was overwhelming. I can't believe that they wouldnt go somewhere to do that.
  20. feeder53

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    For Feeders, I have a physical every 2 years and the first test is the drug screen.