Question for all you pre-loaders out there...

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    Well first, I must say this is a great website, I've laughed, and glad to hear most of the horror stories doesn't just happen in my hub haha. "The california last chance hub" So I've been told anywho..

    Just curious, and figured I would ask, what time does your hub start in the morning (on an average day)? For us it used to be 3:30am-3:50am each day. Until 'new management rolled in'. We now start at 4:20-4:30am. Plus get all the same amout of packages. If you never heard of over kill. That's what it is. I pull 4 trucks on a belt that moves twice as fast as all the other loadlines.

    We also seem to have more management/supervisors in our building than workers. But that's another story all together.
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    The UPS way ! Just wait awhile the new management (2 years) will become old management move on and just maybe the new guys will be better.
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    First of all Random welcome to the cafe and thanks for joining :)
    I'm way up here in Canada and my preloader starts @ 4AM and has 4 cars to load also.
    2 are very heavy volume wise,350-500 pkgs each,one P14 ,one P1000 and 2 P7's.I'd
    venture to say he loads about 1100-1200 pkgs every day.
    We are often asked to go on the clock and help wrap up.
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    Ah Thanks PT_Stewie, and DS for the responses, greatly apprecatied. Also thanks for the welcome =D. Hope ya'll have a great day!
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    Same story in Spokane. Used to be 345 400 now it's 415 and cramming stuff down our throats.