Question for anyone in the Harrisburg, PA area

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  1. dcfresh7

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    Hey all,

    Started working at the airport/gateway at nights for peak. Just curious as to what the waiting list is like in this area for any driver positions? Air/ground/feeder/etc? Obviously this all depends on being brought back come Jan, but I've been told my chances are high that I'll be kept on.

    Any info is greatly appreciated as to what I can expect. I run a delivery route for a local supply co. making 70 stops/day on avg, so yes, i know what kind of grind i'd be getting myself into! lol
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have no idea what kind of grind you'd be getting yourself in to.
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    70 stops isn't a grind its a vacation 70 stops takes me just over 3 hrs alone. Today I had 242 stops worked 9hr and had a helper for 5 of them that's what you call a grind.

    Anyways it will be years before you get a chance to drive if they hire you PT. In my local they have hire 1 driver in the last 2 1/2 years.
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    its like a 5 year waiting list there ive heard
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    I could tell you........but I'd have to kill you.
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    I work in the hub and I saw one person in my work area given a driving job for this peak. I think they had about 3-4 years in. Maybe 5. I doubt they'll stay on though because we had a few laid off drivers work in the hub all summer to get their hours to keep their insurance. .
  8. dcfresh7

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    I know 70 stops sounds like a cakewalk to a UPS guy, but I'm also delivering skids of copy paper among other larger deliveries. Plus its all desktop delivery within the offices I go to, so doing 200 stops/day wouldn't be possible in my work. Regardless, I'm just trying to get some feedback from the people in this area, just to see what kind of timetable i'm looking at.

    Also, I heard that its easier to get into feeders than package car, is that true?
  9. UPSGUY72

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    You heard wrong.

    In most places you have to have 20 years of service before you would have a chance of driving feeders. In my area everything goes by senority so with 180 FT drivers and only about 30 feeder positions it isn't hard to figure out it is going to be along time.