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  1. Have you guys been affected by PAS? IN our hub, Management is cutting back on air drivers. THis could mean less combo workers.
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    I'm not sure how much PAS had to do with things, but we got a new DM who all but eliminated the part-time air driving jobs.
    We went from having 4 PM letter box routes to only one. I got lucky because there's really no easy way to replace EAM drivers, so I got to keep mine.
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    I became an air combo driver after PAS had been put in place, but from what I can tell they have not cut down on the number of drivers. I remember one day when I first started the center manager was pushing for my supervisor to cut one of our routes, but he let them know that he couldn't unless they wanted us out for more than 4 hours. We are still running the same number of routes to this day.
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    The contract calls for UPS to create a certain amount of full-time jobs per year. I don't know the true amount, but its somewhere around 2,000 per year. I think your air-combo job is safe. If you do get laid of you have the right to bump 2 part-timers, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Sorry to come off on a tangent here, but the best job I ever had at UPS was the combo air-midnight sort job I had back in '00.:thumbup1:

    It really was the Good Ole' Days. Fed-ex and DHL weren't taking our volume and I was getting about 11 hours per day. I would start at 445 pm , pick up letter boxes until about 830 and then go to the airport by 9. By the time I got back to the hub it was around 1030 and the midnight shift was starting at 11.

    I would then work the slide until about 330 am. The sad thing is they wanted me to stay until I hit 12 hours on some occasions.

    This job will never exist in the current enviroment. Fed-ex ground and DHL are eating our respective lunches. Now, the full-time combo guys are strictly regulated to about 8-8.5 hours, but never going over 9.5 like I used to do on a daily basis in '00.

    It was a great job during a great time. Problem is the competition is on our ass and those days are gone. I hope in the future when I'm 60 I can rely on a job like this one.

    Thanks and sorry for the long post,
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    Our rates are higher and our sups are too concerned with their "numbers" and not the needs of the customers. That is why our volume is dropping.