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    I'm new to UPS, and one thing I remember our HR rep. specifically stating during the hiring process, was how small our checks would be ($8.50, yadda yadda, union dues, taxes, yadda yadda).

    I noticed no such deductions other than standard tax withholdings. What gives?

    I was never told during the hiring process that I was being brought on as a seasonal package handler.

    Can I expect to see these deductions down the line? Also, assuming I was hired as a seasonal package handler, what are the chances I'll be kept on? I realize this might be impossible for you folks to answer, seeing as you have no idea how high volume is in our hub. But I've hit 23.5 and 26.5 hours my first two weeks after training.

    If volume doesn't drop too drastically after peak, will they keep me on? Or do they have to let me go because I'm a seasonal employee?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If You were hired in Nov. it's most likely you are a seasonal helper.Work your ass off,follow the methods & show up on time everyday with a good attitude & the chances of a call back will be in your favor.Show the supes your willingnes to work by having the positive attitude & work ethic. There is a high turnover rate in alot of buildings & your chances will improve of a call back with the right work ethic !! Good Luck !!
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    New? Join date: May, 2008?
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    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    nice catch whiskey !!!
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    He might have join BC back them buthe only has three post all this month.
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    If you get hired from OCT-DEC you are considered seasonal help meaning that you always on probation to DEC 31. By that you need to show up to work everyday no matter what, UPS doesn't care about your problems they just want you to show up. Do what your told and mind your own business. Don't be lazy work as hard and fast as you can following proper methods without getting hurt or hurting someone else.

    They still should be taken dues out you might want to ask your HR person about this.
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    My hire date was Nov. 2nd, 09. I joined the site much earlier to poke around the search engine here to find answers regarding the hiring process.

    More than a year later, I finally "hit".

    Learning I'm merely a seasonal employee really bums me out. Showing up on time is never a problem with me. I'm generally one of the first to show up for the night sort, and I always show up a good 15 minutes before we're on the clock. I even gutted out a week's worth of work, sick as a dog.

    Whenever I'm asked if I want to go home, I make it perfectly clear that if they need me, I'd like to stay.

    Everything has gone fairly well, I think. After a couple days working as an unloader in, my supervisor saw how well I could load, and I've been doing that for the past couple weeks, which is fine by me, because loading was far too easy, and time melts away when I'm loading.

    Assuming they want to keep me beyond peak, who makes that call? Would it be the supervisor of my area, or the Night Sort manager? Also, we received 4 other employees after I was hired. Am I at the top of the list because of my hire date, or is that spot reserved for the best worker of the five of us?

    I'll definitely ask my HR rep. regarding my dues. Thanks guys.
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    The nights Sort manager will ask the SUP in your area who should stay or go and your SUP might ask your coworker what they think. You'll have a better chance becasue they hired you first but it mainly has to do with your work ethic and if they have an opening.
  9. IzzyTheNose

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    Thanks for the heads up. I get along well with the guys in my area, so if it comes down to the supervisor asking which of us should stay, I'm confident I should be at the top.

    But I'm definitely going to kick it up a notch from here on out to ensure I solidify my spot if there is indeed a spot available.

    Thanks again for the advice.