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    Yes, I'm in Colorado but I have a relative really interested in working for us at Chicago. Unfortunately, we have a relative in management in a Chicago hub, so they can't work on the same shift. I have a couple questions for CACH employees:

    1). What time do your Noonday and Twilight Sorts start--earliest and latest--as far as Peak and regular year?

    2). The stories coming out of CACH are well-known, even here. CACHSUX has posted about how management has wings for specific gangs. I guess my question is about what they do with people that don't avow a specific gang? Do we just toss them in with one??? Gangs are something this relative is trying to avoid if possible. Call us pampered suburbanites but gangs can be dangerous!

    Anything else helpful about CACH would be helpful, too. Thanks!! -Rocky
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    From UPS employment pre-screening page (listed as approx.):
    • Sunrise 3:30AM-9:30AM
    • Day 9:30AM-3:00PM
    • Twilight 4:30PM-9:30PM
    • Night 10:00PM-3:00AM
    Since it's a 24 Hr operation of 4 shifts with the largest (approx.) down time of 90minutes, I can't imagine how they can stretch individual shifts out like in a hub/center. From the size of the place, I'd say to allow about 45min. before, 30min. after shift to make your way through parking, security, to & from work area.
    Don't know about your suburban gangs, but back in my dear old school days on the north side (nostalgic sigh) I never had any problems with Latin Kings, Simon City Royals, C-Notes, Folks of various affiliations, or even Gaylords (well they were really just about gone anyway). I'm sure there were more, just can't recall off the top of my head.
    Anyway, if your relative isn't currently representing, he/she should probably tell the interviewer they're willing to join if it would help get the job:wink:.
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    whats the address to cach
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    One UPS Way
    Hodgkins, IL 60525
    (I-294 & I-55)

    RockyRogue, google Besides Addison & CACH, you've got Franklin Park, Westmont, Bedford Park, & O'Hare Airport in the west suburban area.
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    Couldn't remember the exit mile #/street name off the Tri-State Tollway (294). Not sure what Fnix needs it for down in FL, maybe he/she's trying to Google Map it. I went there last year for the (underwhelming) carshow/United Way fundraiser last year.
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    I worked at CACH. I met some awesome people. Yeah, you get a lot of inner city kids, but for the most part they're the inner city kids who are trying to get out of that environment. They wouldn't come to work at 3:30 AM 5 days a week to throw boxes around for 5 hours unless they had a real desire NOT to get into the gangs culture... I mean, they could make similar $$ running coke. You'll meet some tough kids, but no hardcore gangsta's in my opinion.

    Also, shifts: yeah, it's pretty regular. On sunrise, start times were typically 4 or 4:30 (3:30 during peak season, sometimes), and we were usually done by 9, 9:30 at the latest.