quick question about hub/center equipment

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    feel free to direct me to another thread if this has been asked already but for my fellow inside workers. i was just wondering if the belt to truck concept or the boxline concept is better when it comes to miss loads and missorts? ive seen boxlines at bigger centers and hubs down here in Miami (Hialeah and Miami gateway) and i was always under the assumption that it was much easier as far as getting packages from the sort aisle to the truck with minimum missorts. but at my center its belt to truck and everyday we have a HUGE problem with packages left behind (at least a truck full) b/c of missed packages or packages sorted to the wrong belt that didn't get picked up and ran back though.

    so im just curious as to which one would work better? im pretty sure a boxline in a bigger center but since mines is so small i guess we're just stuck with what we have....not to mention how old our building is. with all the open land around my center i wish they would just build a new more modern hub and tear the current one down....but that's just wishful thinking i suppose.
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    The grass is always greener, or so they say. I can tell you that the quality of the loader determines the possibility of a misload a lot more than what equipment he or she is using.