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    I recently resigned from ups i was an unloader for about 2 years and enjoyed working there but do to recent events in my life its become nearly impossable for me to perform up to the standards do to stress. i was just curious about what the policy is if somewhere down the road i decide to return...will this be allowed or am i better off saying goodbye to ups forever:dissapointed: any help is much appriciated!:happy-very:
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    I'm always going to say there's a chance as long as you weren't fired. I actually use the line, "You can always come back to UPS" to a friend of mine who quit a few years ago and is currently unemployed. Most people who leave, tend not to come back, but I can't say it would hurt to try if you ever decide to.
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    When you left you were classifed as either "OK to rehire" or "do not rehire" (those aren't the exact terms but you get the point). Your sup should be able to tell you which one you were given. Good luck getting the issues in your personal life resolved.
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    this is good news as i hopefully will return 1 day . the people there are great as well as the benifits...:peaceful:
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    ..and the benefits aren't bad, either.
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    Thank you, Sister Mary Spell Check !!
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    this is also true..the benefits are pretty good lol:happy-very:
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    Rehirable and non-rehirable. We had a guy who reapplied and was given the offer. He talked with the human resources girl and told her he had just gotten another job offer during the day and it would be a conflict. The preload manager was never told and he put him down as nonrehirable because he didn't return the call to start working. His new job fell through and he came back again and was told he couldn't apply because of that status. Good loader too.