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    I just started less than a month ago in primary sorting unloads. This morning a few Vets showed up to work my belt along with a 3rd vet who decided to rejoin after working a different belt for 2 weeks, as a result the soup ask everyone on the belt "who wants to go home"? Being though I had the least time in on the belt I volunteered, question, Will this hurt my chances of being called back in January? and does this make me look as though I really don't wanna work since I was quick on the trigger?
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    I wouldn't worry about it. You did them a favor.
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    They would've sent you home anyway...so it probably doesn't matter. And your chances of being kept are still the same...possible but unlikely.
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    I disagree----you are trying to get a permanent job and the last thing you should be doing is volunteering to go home.
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    Ask from the top and force from the bottom. They would have sent you home anyway if no one above you wanted to leave early. You have to stay when everyone else wants to leave and you have to leave when everyone else wants to stay. Will make no difference to your chances of being called back. In fact if you are sorting you have a better chance of being called back then an unloader or loader. You are working in a skilled position.