R.I.P. Mike Wallace

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    Has been with 60 Minutes since 1968. A pioneer in journalisum.
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    A tenacious interviewer and journalist who had integrity even when his vision was clouded or wrong.
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    He was an icon in the industry. He will be missed. RIP
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    Early in his career, Wallace announced for the radio action shows Ned Jordan, Secret Agent, Sky King and The Green Hornet.
    He was also a radio game how host for (Information Please).

    Wallace announced wrestling in Chicago in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

    During the 1950s, Wallace hosted a number of game shows, including The Big Surprise, Who's the Boss? and Who Pays?. Early in his career Wallace was not known primarily as a news broadcaster. It was not uncommon during that period for newscasters (the term then used) to announce, do commercials and host game shows; Douglas Edwards, John Daly, John Cameron Swayze and Walter Cronkite hosted game shows as well.

    This guy did a lot, not just news.
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    I truly enjoyed Mr. Wallace. Rest in peace, Sir.