R.I.P Scott Carpenter

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by oldngray, Oct 10, 2013.

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    What a bunch of ghouls, they like that a man dies, and an astronaut at that! Humph!
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    no they didnt like the fact that somebody died....they liked the post that let them them know that!..wtf........

    OH I know that and they know that I know that. I just like throwing people under the bus at times.
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    You got a future in management!.Show them this post..lol
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    What I "liked" about this thread was the fact that oldngray had the respect to start a thread letting us know that a Mercury Seven hero has passed away. I was a small child when these guys were the first Americans in space, everybody wanted to grow up to become an astronaut. They had "The Right Stuff", as the book and following movie reminds us.
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    I thought of "The Right Stuff" myself. Scott Carpenter and the early astronauts were heroes to a generation.
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    pickup was just ​feigning obtuseness ... which is one of his better attributes. :wink2:
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    Pickup was being funny. I laughed!
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    I knew he was being funny too, I was just trying to explain why people "like" a post containing sad news.
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    I admire pickup.This post gave me stupefaction.He is the bellwether of conviviality.
    He is unparagoned and perspicacious.Unlike me a sesquipedalian without a clue.
    God bless Scott.