Raise? Pay rate scale..


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Quick question for you guys.
Ive been a cover driver for about 9 months now.
Did the preload gig for 6 years prior.

Will I be getting a raise every year on my senority date and In August when the contract raise comes around. Will I only get one? Or none at all?
Also when does one become a full time driver? After the bid and get their own route? You must be a full time driver before you get pay progression?
As you can tell, Im somewhat lost. Any help would be great.


You will get a small raise when you qualify as a driver(which it seems you
probably have by now) Unless of course your current payrate is higher than
what a new driver would be making.
Then at 1 year driving you will get another small raise(again unless your current pay rate is higher than the current wage)

You will get your yearly raise after 1 year driving, on August(like stated above)
and at 2 or 2.5 years you will go to top rate for your classification.

At our center we have no "cover driver" classification we are just all drivers and all full time, some have routes, others cover those routes, but non-the-less full time.



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If you are a Temporary Coverage Driver(TCD), meaning you are still classified as a part-timer, then you should be making 85% of what full-time drivers make for all hours that you drive. You get raises every August to keep at the 85% rate. If you are full-time you will go thru a 2.5 year progression.