? Re attaining pph

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    Would appreciate insight from other operations on how dial in sort to attain pph. Constructive comments welcomed.
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    (Oops. Posted in partners. NM and carry on.)
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    Are you referring to running a productive operation?
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    Yes. Tips for managing production vs balanced payroll. Brainstorming about which methods helped you best acclimate seasonals to the brown life post peak. Keeping them safe and learning how to work quickly. Encouraging seasoned employees. Engagement.
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    Positive reinforcement
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    Use the DOP.

    Have the correct start time, stagger starts, staffing matches DOP.
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    What are some tips for managing wrap up? Wherein lies the best practice line for getting hourlies off the clock vs not crossing Union boundaries of pt sups wrapping up dock? Tips for analyzing dop? We have lots of reports at UPS but it seems few are fully understood or utilized to their full extent.
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    Who cares the numbers aren't real. The faster you learn that the better off you'll be. 1st priority is your safety everything else is 2nd.
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    Leave packages laying all over the place and run around frantically yelling "get of the clock!! get off the clock!!"
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    Numbers are real. Maybe not always attainable...but they are, at minimum, a point of reference. As a public company, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders. We have vested interests in our retirement plans and own stock holdings.
    And why not brainstorm with other locations to do a better job? I care. I'm proud of the job I do and, like other areas of my life, I enjoy learning how to do things better. I'm not afraid to ask for help or seek wisdom from others who are successful.
    I'm sorry a bad apple has ruined the barrel for many of you. Allow me my delusions of my employees working safely, knowing their methods and using them, being engaged and working as a team and being successful at it.
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  12. It's something like packages processed divided by hours worked. So if you process 2000 packages using 4 hours of sort time you attained a 400pph. We have a spreadsheet in my center where you just input all your numbers and out comes the PPH. It's great.
    Training, Training, Training. The more people know, the more they feel part of the team. Not to mention it helps you, because you don't have to have to find someone to do things. You can just say "Hey Frank, please go over and do this." Makes life easier. Keep an eye out for them too. There are certain things you or whoever trained them may have skipped over for the safe work method. Just watch out for them and if you see something unsafe let them know. Your job isn't only production. It's to make sure everyone gets home safe.
    Have a plan, always. I like to get a basic game plan down before I leave for work. Then when I get there I check and see how the night will probably go. I see what cars are still out and the order that they will most likely come in. I know which cars are always loaded to the brim with what. This allows me to know when I can have guys bagging smalls for a while or if I need all hands on deck to unload and load. There will always be things out of your control. But the best thing you can do is just be prepared so when those unexpected things happen, you can mitigate the damage as much as possible. You should never have free time. If you do you should be finding something that can be done so later on you don't get bit for it. Keep moving and try to have an idea of what is going on at all times.
    The vast majority of people on here are very helpful. Some will call you a liar and that you don't care. Best thing to do is just ignore them. If you genuinely do care about your employees (which I hope you do) you will show it. Remember you are a team. You get the crap when things go wrong. But you're the leader. You don't fail, they don't fail. Win as a team, fail as a team. Don't ever use "you guys." It's always us.

    Make sure you reward your guys. Find a metric you are having issues with. Ours was left in buildings. Every week we have 0 left in building I buy everyone soda and pizza as a thank you for the hard work. If someone does a good job for god sakes tell them! I have a guy that nails it night after night. I make sure he knows how much I appreciate his hard work.
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    Wrap up starts at the beginning right? Work with your Hub and Feeder IEs and origins to understand your origin loads and increase communication. If there's a late air load coming in, you need to be aware of it. If not, you need to be aware of it.

    Train unloaders, SPA and sorters to use hand-to-surface package handling all the time, not just during audits. If you don't hold yourself and your team to a high standard, why should they? Working at a consistent PPH while using H2S results in less damages and fallouts on belts which = less jams and less late wrap up.

    Balance work going through bulk.

    Challenge front end and load side to work together... shared goals on QPRs can help. Use your radios.

    Move staffing to the work. If there are no surprises in unload, move some unloaders to load side or other areas to help wrap up. This requires training, communication, and motivation.

    In short...
    Communicate with partners
    Know what your critical "pinch points" are in the sort as the sort progresses
    Train and motivate employees
    Move staffing to the work to "balance" your sort
    Take your post-sort seriously in reviewing what went right or wrong
    Learn from mistakes and work together to overcome them in the future
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  14. Integrity

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    Are you a part-time supervisor?

    What methods do you currently use to motivate your employees to work faster?

    1. If they work fast and are the studs you promise them to never get one of the less strenuous jobs like sorting smalls or scanning jobs. They are reserved for the nonproductive troublesome employees.

    2. Promise them a smaller paycheck. Hurry up work as fast as you can so you can work the least amount of hours in a week so you can make the least amount of money.

    3. Offer them the opportunity to go help one of the none productive workers so they can come back to their original job when it is significantly backed up to a point where it is more difficult and miserable to do.

    Are you using any of these morale boosters that big corporations often try to use?

    I would be glad to assist you. PM me if you want to avoid foolish distractions to this discussion.

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    Depending on hot pull times make sure your sort isn't starting too early or too late. Also always aim to get 90% inbound/outbound lineups by start time. Try pregunning the front unload 15 mins that way at start time outbound slides have work. Depending on outbound belt run outs stagger start times. Small sort is cash for pph make sure to keep staffed and open to almost down time depending on run out.
  16. ch317273

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    Be a real human being with a real soul not a robot crunching number then your off to a pretty good start....and most importantly, don't use drugs:biggrin:
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    ^^^^best laugher ever^^^
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    Get with your ie supervisor and dissect the MSD for your sort. Breakdown what the requirements are for your most productive, safe and efficient process in each generalized area of your responsibility. For instance, if you have a preload, you have basic components of the operation that are: Primary, Sort, small sort, irregulars, Surepost, Damage station(s), DCAP, Splitters, DMS, Load and wrap up. These can be further broken down. Understand the process designed to achieve pure MSD. Now incorporate the methods for each job and assignment. With good process analysis, daily try and improve the capabilities of your systems with staggered starts, mechanical improvements that would eliminate work or even a position. Good luck
  19. Then sit there and realize your IE set you up for unrealistic numbers and wonder how the hell you are going to possibly hit them.
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    It's the eight wonder of the world how we managed to become a fortune 100.