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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by rod, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. rod

    rod retired and happy

    For about the 5th time this year I'm getting static on trying to collect on a simple rebate. This time its from Home Depot for a Behr paint product I used on my deck. Its a stupid $5 dollar a gallon rebate that will end up causing me to never buy another Behr product again and seriously concider never shopping at Home Depot again. I read an artical on the internet just the other day about how the name of the game for all these rebate companies is to see what they can do to make a customer give up on trying to collect on one. I don't go out of my way to buy something just because a rebate is offered but if one is I will send it in. The last one I got burned on was a $50.00 one for a new cell phone. Anyone else have horror stories when it comes to rebates?:angry: Sunday I will go to Home Depot and tell them what I think about Behr products and I'm sure they will act concerned ----but it will just be an act.:sad-little:
  2. ups1990

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    Rod, I'am with you on this one. Can't stand rebates. I'll shop around until a special is offered without the rebate.
  3. pickup

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    was that 50 dollar rebate on a cell phone with sprint? They screwed me too!
  4. over9five

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    I think rebate offerers make the offers a little difficult in the hope you'll do something wrong so they don't have to pay.

    Is that receipt a copy? No rebate!

    You didn't include the original barcode? No rebate!

    No self addressed stamped envelope? No rebate!

    So anyhow Rod, what reason did they give you for not honoring the rebate?
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Truth is most rebates go unclaimed as most people don't want the bother and hassle that Rod described. Unfortunately, I am not most people--I love rebates. Staples has the Easy Rebate program which is just as the name suggests. Most cell phone rebates suck. I always provide my e-mail address and then follow up online to track the status of my rebates. In fact, I am going to Staples today--they have copy paper on sale for a penny (limit 2) after an Easy Rebate of $4.

    I do agree that I don't care for rebates that go on a debit card. Just send me a check.
  6. moreluck

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    My hubby jumps through all the hoops for the rebates ALSO, the class action suits that come along from time to time. We've rec'd as little as 10 cents and as much as a few thousand $$. It keeps him busy. :happy-very:
  7. Big Babooba

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    Connecticut's got your back. Basically, they require the rebate to be applied at the time of the sale. Every state should pass this law.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Instant rebates--I do like those the best.
  9. rod

    rod retired and happy

    With this rebate you had your choice of applying by mail or on line for it. I chose on line. I filled in all the blanks and everything was accepted. I was even given a conformation number so I just assumed my piddly check would be coming in the maill (after the 6 to 8 weeks ha ha). All I got in the mail was a postcard that says "Unfortunately we could not honor your request for a rebate due to the following reasons: The SKU or UPC submitted is invalid. Why was everything "comfirmed" if something was wrong? What a joke. This morning for the heck of it I resubmitted on line and again it was accepted and confirmed--------again. This afternoon I will stop at Home Depot to let them know what I think about their fabulous Behr paint 4th of July rebate special.

    My $50 cell phone rebate fiasco was with a Sprint phone. There were 2 different UPC codes on the Factory box so I sent in the origional one that was printed on the box. About 2 months later I get a notice that it was the wrong one and to resubmit the correct one. So I sent in the other one (it was just an add on sticker that had been put on the box) . A couple of months later I get another post card saying "I had sent in the wrong UPC code and to send in the correct one". Hell by then I was out of UPC codes to send. Like a fool I let that one go without razing hell. I did switch providers as soon as my contract ran out.
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  10. toonertoo

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    Miller Beer.sent everything in and got a postcard saying I didnt do it right, and not to reply. Drank all that Miller for nothing.
    Bud has one now, Ill let you know............
    it took me 20 minutes at Home Depot to get a rebate form and then I forgot!
  11. homedepot_michael

    homedepot_michael homedepot_michael

    Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about your rebate problem with Behr. Let me know if I can help. Feel free to send an email to so I can look into this.

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339
  12. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I've talked to Behr and they say they are "checking" into it but I will keep your info on hand.
  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I didn`t know BBag worked at Home Depot.
  14. homedepot_michael

    homedepot_michael homedepot_michael

    Thanks Rod, have a good day.
  15. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    I have bought two new phones from verizon and received the debit card within two weeks and was very happy.
  16. City Driver

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    when i bought my last cell phone i think it was $150 with a $50 mail in rebate

    i said give me an instant rebate or im walking out the door, and they did

    i dont want to have to hassle with that, knowing they will find a reason to not give me the rebate
  17. rod

    rod retired and happy


    Two days ago I got another rebate rejection postcard from Behr. I had received a conformation number saying everthing was ok on this one also. I was all set to give them another call but today I got a rebate check in the mail. Me thinks Behr has their head up their :censored2:.:wink2: (but it made me the winner)
  18. homedepot_michael

    homedepot_michael homedepot_michael

    I am glad you finally got that rebate from Behr, I am sorry on behalf of Home Depot. We are here if you ever need us...thanks for your business.

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot

  19. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I was never mad at Home Depot- just rebates in general.
  20. homedepot_michael

    homedepot_michael homedepot_michael

    I realize that, but customer's not getting their rebates reflect directly on HD. I'm just glad you got it. We are out here if you ever need us. Have a good weekend.