red-circle air driver wage when bidding into full-time driving job

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    I just got a phone call offering me a full time driving position. I'm already a part-time air exception driver at top wage ($23.36) and am wondering If I can keep that wage until the full-time wage progression exceeds it. I've read the NMA a few times and it seems kind of vague on the subject. Here is section 41 of the NMA

    "Part-time employees on the payroll as of July 31, 2008 who subsequently are promoted to full-time employment under this paragraph will be red circled until such time as the calculated progression rate exceeds that rate. The transfer date will become his/her full-time start date for purposes of applying the above progression."

    Although I do make two different rates of pay: 12.89 for part-time inside work, and 23.36 for part-time driving work. I make WAY more hours driving than I do working inside, but I could imagine UPS trying low-ball me on this one to save some money by using my inside wages instead of my driving wages.
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    It will be based off your part time inside rate but it will be higher that this. You will start out at I think seventy percent of the top rate ant the beginning of the contract. You can always grieve it for an interpretation because it seems like a gray area.
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    Hey you got the call , id demand full pay . They will give it to you,
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    If your primary part-time bid job is as an air driver as mine was than yes you will be red-circled at pt air driver top rate.

    I doubt that is the case since the inside job is usually the primary job with air driving being extra work regardless of which job gives you more hours.
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    Why would you put red circle in your post ?
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    I'm wondering who calls you on a Sunday night to offer you a position.
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    Don't give up the air job.
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    The air driving is nice and easy, I don't want to give it up, but the hours are unpredictable. Some weeks I max out at 60 hrs and some weeks I only get about 20.

    guaranteed hours are a nice thing!
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    My supe is pushing me to get on the air driver list. A few guys I've worked with said they got put through to part time airs within 2 years. I have truck driving experience, but very little, & only on automatic when I went for the license. What's a cheap yet thorough alternative to getting the proper amount of prep time in if a position opens up for air driver?
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    If your inside rate is higher than the starting pay for a full-time driver($16.10), then you would get that higher rate of pay. We just had a guy that went full-time after working part-time for almost 15 years. He keeps his inside rate, until he reaches top rate. Since your inside rate is lower then you would start off at $16.10
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    I did utility and air driving before I decided to go FT. You will start at Utility rate. At least that is what I started at.
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    Being screwed? You're a relatively new employee getting a chance at a FT driving position. If that is what you want, you shouldn't complain about taking a hit. Exception air is entry-level.