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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by spritskr, Mar 15, 2005.

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    unhappy members of management leave ups? sounds good to me.
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    The ones that leave won't be the bad ones - be careful what you ask for.
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    The ones that leave won't be the bad ones - be careful what you ask for."

    Exactly. You should add - "unlike you, the ones with something on the ball can double or triple their salaries the day they walk out the door. And have. You get left with the remains." - something like that.

    Don't bother though, they won't catch on until they're going the way of United and GM/Ford.
  4. I`m not mngmt but I had to throw this in,a driver was fired 3 years ago for whatever,
    he lives in a small town and has a job 15 min from his house.He was reinstated this week...
    he worked 2 days until he was given written assurance that his pension was good and valid,
    he resigned the next day.The rise to the top at ups for anyone,either hourly or management is always undermined by people that are in a superior position,it trickles down.
    A good employee gets singled out by someone in an authoritive position and he`s gone.BOOF
    And you know what? the union does not care.
    so we are both in the same position,except I`m a little better off,I just have to follow methods
    and keep on everyones good side,you have to try to make sense of it all,and send me help now and then.
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    Most mgmt I know, including myself, think we got a pretty raw deal on the MIP changes. The bottom line is for 5 years we will not have the same income, it will be considerably less. Most will simply choose to work less since senior management cannot be trusted (we cant be sure they won't screw us again in a couple years). It will be interesting to see who shows up the next time it snows or when our union folks decide to walk again. Mgmt morale is in the pits - Thanks Mike E. Maybe when Mike retires he could go to work at FedEx and help "lead" them awhile.
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    air1:pity the poor guy who brought you into management.
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    "...since senior management cannot be trusted..."
    but they want to take control of our Health, Welfare and Pension. Who is to say that once they have control of our pension that they aren't gonna give us a good screwing?
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    double standard,
    I fully understand the moral of your story. I agree completely.
    Help me understand a driver that was fired 3 years ago and he was reinstated just last week? What was the occasion? Is the union just really slow where you are? Did he get backpay(LMAO)? I am really lost trying to understand this.

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    I have a Bachelor's of Science in Data Communications Management. So what was that "unlike you" thing you were talking about?
  10. trick,the driver was unfairly let go for various reasons,and it went to arbitration.That took a year and a half,and ups won so he then took ups to court using his own lawyer and won his job back but with minimal back pay.
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    If you have the degree why are you driving? No offense - just wondering.
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    I have a degree also and I'm just a feeder driver.
    When I was a PT'er they asked me if I wanted to go into management(PT). I figured if they wanted me that bad they would ask me again. They didn't and after seeing what I have seen the last 27 years I am really glad they didn't.
    Distill the belief that all truck drivers are ignorant...we aren't.
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    you are correct. for some reason people think being a ups driver is a piece of cake. not everyone can do it. new guys get their chance and fail. i've seen atleast 3 people try and fail in the last 5 years.
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    ups driver is a good job. you might not become a rich man, but you can take care of your family. i started my degree about a year before i began working for ups. i finished it a few years later. i enrolled in night courses and made it happen. told the professors i might be late to class but i would keep up. many of the guys i went to school with have been layed off, then hired, and then layed off, and hired again. thats a pattern i can't fall into. family needs me now. ups driver provides some security. and who knows, i might not always be a driver, but if it turns out that way we'll will be just fine.
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    I think the undercurrent of the question "if you have a degree why are you driving?" is that driving is "beneath" any one with a degree.

    Maybe we like driving.
    Maybe we don't like what we have seen from management and can recite the names of management people who are no longer employed with the company.

    We have people with degrees in music and history, both of which have nothing to do with our industry, in management.

    I think only 31% of American's have a four year
    degree in anything.

    Having a degree portrays an applicant as being capable of a sustained drive, delayed gratification and being responsible as well.

    Employers like that.

    This does not mean that non-degreed individuals lack the same qualities.

    We had a disrict manager recently who, I am told, did not have a degree. She had other assets (if you know what I mean) that may have helped her ascension to the top.
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    You assume my question had ulterior motives - it did not. It was an honest question. I knew drivers in one of my previous hubs who had their Masters degree. My neighbor is a driver and he has a Finance degree. I don't think it is beneath anyone. It is a good job and to each his/her own.