refuse to sign?

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    So, If I decide to drop the dead weight in my work area and join the chronically slow workers, and if a sup hits me up with a pittsburgh write-up (they probably won't) I can refuse to sign it right?
    I don't have to sign anything do I?
  2. fredly00

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    Don't sign anything without a union rep close by.

    In the AM's we get the Driver load reports(or whatever they are called)

    I either don't sign them or just put an X on it... ;)
  3. ups79

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    fredly-you are so tough.
  4. purkups

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    if a supervisor puts something in front of you to sign your first question should be am i "required to sign this", unless its DOT mandated you are self incrimnating yourself and throwing away a hard fought union right. I sign nothing
  5. casey_in_ks

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    If you don't agree with what you are signing I was told to write, " signing under protest ,'your name' " with a union rep next to you. [​IMG]
  6. trickpony1

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    The only thing you have to sign is your paycheck and DOT mandated CCR and DVIR.
    Let management write "refused to sign".
  7. hubrat

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    After I was injured I tried to refuse to sign the little methods sheet thingy they do on me every few months now. I was told by management and steward that I could be fired for this.
  8. fedxsux

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    RTS!!!! Refuse to sign!!
  9. trickpony1

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    Went right over my head.
    Was that trace for real or just being funny?
  10. deliver_man

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    Someone actually tried to get you fired for posting on this board? That's pretty weak. How did you find out about it, did your boss talk to you? I'm not sure how it is at your buidling, but internet access is pretty limited here, at least from what I can tell. I've never seen the OMS's surfing, I don't think they can even get outside the UPS network on their machines, and even if they could they are never alone so someone would see it. I imagine center managers and up can get online if they want with some privacy, but the network admins can log everything, so I doubt much time gets wasted or someone would have some explaining to do. But I'm just a driver, so what do I know? Maybe the Division manager spends his day surfing porn sites and playing Quake3. That would explain why he's always in such a good mood....
  11. rj

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    Local 391 vs UPS Durham ( discharge of Mcstoots)
    Based on the facts presented, the grievant shall receive a 10 day suspension. The company does have the right to require employees to sign company forms or file write ups subject to discipline. Pursuant to article 50 the employees signature does not inticate that the employee agrees with content.

    very expensive to not sign a document}
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    yes that's a real trace. I wasn't kidding when I said it's easy. Susie's result is formatted differently than mine (more information as well), because we are using different programs. I used a bit of shareware called IP Locator. It's free, and very small. You can pay for programs that will generate more information (Susie's might be one of those), but they still won't give you a name.
  13. ok2bclever

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    At my center it has always been acknowledged that the union employees do not have to sign any UPS form that is not required by law.

    Article 50?

    Hmmm, that is interesting.

    The National Contract goes up to Article 45.

    The Central Region Supplement goes up to Article 19.
  14. susiedriver

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    I'm curious. Where did you get your information from, and are UPS employees allowed to post on a public board from work?

    As a shareholder. I feel that you are stealing from me, unless that is your job at UPS.

    Thanks in advance for the answers,

  15. deliver_man

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    Susie- don't be ridiculous.

    Ok2bclever- Article 50 is from the Atlantic Area supplement. Our numbering system just picks up where the National Master ends, so our 1st article is 46.
    Direct quote from Art. 50:
    The purpose of an employee's signature on a company form or file write up is to ensure nothing is placed in the employee's center file without review by the employee. The employee's signature does not indicate that the employee agrees with the content of the item being placed in his/her file, but does indicate his/her knowledge of the contents.

    So yeah, in the Atlantic Area you do have to sign company forms, but the supplement makes it clear that it is not an admission of guilt, simply an acknowlegement that it is being placed in your file whether you like it or not.
  16. jmills8387

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    One time I was given a $.05 raise. (I'm an hourly admin). I refused to sign it and told them if they couldn't afford to give me a bigger raise than that, they could keep it. What a fiasco! I'd do it again to make a point. It was an insult and I refused to take it. They ended up giving me $.10. Whoopee![​IMG]
  17. susiedriver

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    Ridiculous? I think that I have a legitimate concern about my employees wasting time thatt I'm paying them for. Accountability, is more like it.
  18. deliver_man

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    <font color="ff0000">deliver_man

    Ridiculous? I think that I have a legitimate concern about my employees wasting time thatt I'm paying them for. Accountability, is more like it. </font>
    <font color="000000">
    It's ridiculous because this is a mess</font>age board, and you have no clue who RJ is and no way to find out. Your "bluster" about being a shareholder and demanding answers from some anonymous person on the internet just makes you look foolish, whether or not you realize it. Do you really think that "RJ" is going to tell who he is, where he works, and in what capacity? And then what? You're going to call his facility, demand to speak to his boss, and order said boss to take action? I'm sure he will get right on it, especially once he finds out that you are "susiedriver, shareholder" [​IMG]
  19. susiedriver

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    His IP is a UPS domain. He must be posting from work. Either he/she is stealing from the company, or is being paid by the company to post here. I don't see any other explanation. Am I missing something.

    BTW I was always taught that if was a form that you really didn't want to sign, the best thing to do is write 'accept instruction rts print lastname'.

    OrgID: UPS-9
    City: MAHWAH
    StateProv: NJ
    PostalCode: 07430
    Country: US

    NetRange: -
    NetName: UPS
    NetHandle: NET-153-2-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-153-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: NSA.UPS.COM
    NameServer: NSB.UPS.COM
    RegDate: 1991-09-12
    Updated: 2002-03-15

    TechHandle: ZU12-ARIN
    TechName: United Parcel Service
    TechPhone: +1-201-828-2480
    TechEmail: [email protected]
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    deliver_man, susiedriver burned you bad.How red is your face now? Yikes you must feel like a fool.