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    When a sup decides to release employees from work, does he have to do it in accordance with seniority or can he do it based upon his own arbitration?
    I'm dying to file a grievance here. Am I within the guidelines?
    Our supervisor is a real piece of work. He used to own a local porn shop, but the feds ran him out. He's well known throughout the community, but not well liked. Which seems to be consistent with the thoughts of the employees on the local sort.
    Nobody had ever really filed a greivance on our shift until this guy came. He's been there about six months and has about 20 or more of them stacked on his shoulders including a wrongful termination that UPS had to pay rediculous money for.
    Anyway, I figured someone here would know. I don't have a copy of the contract.
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    When you mean release, do you mean as in termination?
  3. InTheRed

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    Sounds like he means take the day off. You know, like when you have the "over" guy, 52 routes, 54 drivers, 2 get to go home.
  4. scratch

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    If I understand your question right, it should be by senority according to the job classification.:cool:
  5. outta hours

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    Article 64- When time off is available it shall be offered in senority order by classification as long as it does not result in economic cost to the employer.
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    On the same topic...

    How should this be handled.

    You return to building after 9+ hours of work
    (with or without additional work still left)
    and a OnCar hands you a package and says deliver?

    Oh an this delivery is 30 miles away
  7. wily_old_vet

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    Fred-If you are the only driver there you have to deliver it. If you are the junior driver in a group you have to deliver it. If someone there is junior to you, you can refuse. To the best of my knowledge.
  8. dannyboy

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    Well, really you cant refuse. But what you can do is pull seniority. Which is what Wily was refering to. But you have to do so in the manner that falls under the contract.

    Now, they can make you still do it, and you have to follow instructions, but then file.

    Refusing a direct order from a manager will result in your termination. And at the panel, should it get that far, refusal of a direct order, with the exception of doing something unsafe or illegal, is a hard one to win.

  9. dannyboy

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    Btw, ours is under article 48, section 2 which states

    We use this quite often to allow those with less seniority to work during slow times instead of being laid off and bumping back to the preload, which knocks some of them out of a job. Basically, they can not lay drivers off due to lack of work, if there are drivers willing to take a day off and let the junior driver work.

    It does not say anything about causing a hardship to the employer in our contract. But if you want the company to work with you, work with the company. But if the company tries to ignore this and claims a hardship, stick to your guns.

  10. wily_old_vet

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    Danny-Thats what I was trying to say but you having been a shop steward put it much better than I.:)
  11. dannyboy

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    I know you well enough to know you were not recomending what it sounded like. But I have heard others recomend refusal to another driver, and when the driver does, they are no where to be found, and I end up trying to put the pieces back.

    But you do have rights under the contract, and unless you exercise those rights, they fall by the wayside.

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    Chris contract says seniority order. Its a grievance issue. Honestly this guy won't care because there is no money involved. What did the sup do before he came to you? Is he a new sup that needs a little guidance? Its your house and I don't know the sup but my only point is at this point it sounds like you guys communicate with him and he communicates with you through the paper process which is clearly not the right way. It sounds like the guy has some serious flaws but at the same time don't forget that fixing this type of relationship is also your responsibility.

    Question why the reference to the guy owning a porn shop? Is there something wrong with porn? You do know we have a very active porn club here don't you? Moreluck even cooks for us when we meet.

    Ok , ok I'm kidding. My point being the guys personal life really has nothing to do with the question you raised. If you have problems with this guy at work and you also bring up the porn shop issue then it almost sounds like you're trying to find any reason you can to hate the guy.
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    moreluck golden ticket member now you don't want the XXX Turkey Thighs ?? You were just kidding??? :wink:
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    "..we have a very active porn club here"

    He's serious, you know! You didn't think my name referred to hours, did you?
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    Yeah, did you all see what Tie was doing last sunday night on the live chat? Ive never ever seen something like that before in my whole life.

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    btw Tie, speaking of release, did you get one from Cheryl before you put on that show?
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    Yep sent her a video to enjoy at her leisure
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    WOW talk about straying off of the topic at hand. If you don't want to go back out tell the sup that you are extremely fatigued and feel that you are not safe to be on the road but if he likes you will ride along in the passenger seat while he goes out to complete the work after all you are a professionally trained driver and who knows better than you if you are safe to be on the road. If he still is forcing you to go out by yourself force him to write a note stating that he is making you go on the road after you told him you are not safe to be out there and go the Union, the local authorities, or even his boss with it but be prepared for repercussions..