Renegotiating with Amazon?


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I heard the reason why it's been so quiet this week is because ups is trying to get a better contract with amazon so we won't be dealing with their crap for the next 6 weeks?
Great. They suspend Saturday delivery for 6 weeks only for that period to end and probably go to a 7 day a week schedule because we'll have more Amazon crap than ever.


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Where do you work? My center is 8 trailers behind, building is about twelve behind. Some places are much worse. What’s this slow talk?
We rolled 3 yesterday and caught back up today. I don't want to know how many of those 3 trailers were businesses and will be slammed into Monday's routes though...


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Not sure what the end game is but I too have heard Amazon specific news as well. In the Bay Area we too have been throttling them on and off. We’ve held all trailers in building as well as been told to prioritize their air last.

So not sure what the end game is but something is definitely afoot.


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It was the lightest here in NJ since March. They cut all the air drivers out of the extra hours. Could be because almost everything is open now so less of a need to order online.

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The best way to deal with Amazon would be for all UPSers to stop going straight to Amazon whenever they get the impulse to buy some thing. And to encourage their friends and family to avoid that as well. The prime membership itself (for streaming purpose) isn’t really a bad thing, although I think most people don’t need it, but the idea that everything on Amazon is a good deal simply because you are paying the membership fee and are supposedly getting free two day delivery is simply not true. And many other shippers are offering the same thing without a membership fee.

UPSers, especially those that condone the same behavior by their friends and family, are literally cutting their own throats by using Amazon when ordering online. At least try and find your products elsewhere first. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save in the process. A minor convenience is not worth cutting your own throats. It’s something to think about. Especially when you consider that our pension fund is shrinking along with our volume.