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    Talked to a couple of the younger couriers today about their plans at FedEx. One was as disgusted w this place as most are. He has about 5 yrs in and is making less than$1 more hr than when he started. He said each paycheck seems smaller than the one before(accurate I'm sure) He is planning his exit as soon as anything close to better comes along. Shockingly the other guy was still all pumped up to be here. He told me his girlfriend had just finished school and was going for her masters. I encouraged him heavily to do the same and focus on finding something else for a career. He wasn't really interested in listening to me. I'm sure one day he'll wish he had.
  2. A degree is a good pursuit, but in what? Pursuing a degree while working at fedex could be a great move, but it could also be suicide. Racking up student loans on a fruitless degree with no employment prospects (liberal arts, etc) will only keep him in bondage to fedex longer with huge student loan debt. Then he will be serving two masters... Fred Smith and Freddie Mac. That's too many Freds for me. These days its almost better to pursue a trade in order to escape a job one does not enjoy.