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  1. ismaili

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    The center I work at has very unclean restrooms. I can't use it because it smells bad. The cleaners come very late on the shift which isnt useful because everyone leaves.
    Should i bring this issue with the union?
  2. cachsux

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    There is an article in the contract , I can't quote which number at this moment, that deals with a sanitary workplace. So yes you can take your concerns to management and then the union if they don't act upon them.
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    I see and smell things in our restrooms that are not human . I have seen cleaner port-a-pottys at Hank Williams jr concerts . Whats worse is some of our restrooms have 2 toilets , and God forbid I got to take a dump , so of course I check out the cleanliness of both toilets and choose what I think is cleaner . Usually the dirty toilet is the one nearest the exit door and has greenish-yellowish and brown splatter marks from top to bottom . Heres the kicker , while dumping some nasty person will come in and immediatly set down on the dirty toilet without wiping it off or putting t.p. around the seat . Its not just unloaders or loaders , it is feeder drivers and package drivers as well . Then say both you finish up at the same time , these dudes will not wash their hands ,and walk out the bathroom like its cool . Forever scarring my brain about the person when I see them out . P.S. nasty peeps , we do let everybody else know how nasty your nastyass is .
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    Who is Hank Williams?
  5. menotyou

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    It's Art. 52 here. Sanitary conditions. PG 178 my contract.
  6. brownmonster

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    Hank Jr's father.
  7. menotyou

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    When were they on Maury???? :rofl:
  8. JonFrum

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    From the National Master Agreement . . .

    The Employer agrees to maintain a clean, sanitary washroom having hot and cold running water with toilet facilities in all present and future buildings. The Employer further agrees to provide separate toilet and changing facilities for male and female employees in all present and future UPS buildings which have more than fifteen (15) drivers.

    The Employer shall implement procedures designed to ensure privacy for all employees when using facilities in UPS buildings with fifteen (15) or fewer drivers. Such toilet facilities will be equipped with proper ventilation devices and shall be heated as climatic conditions shall warrant.

    The Employer agrees to provide lockers for those employees who are required to change into a uniform or take a lunch period. All other employees will be provided a suitable area for keeping personal items and clothes. Assigned lockers will not be opened by the Employer unless either the employee or a Union representative is present.

    Where the Employer and the Union agree that the local water is not suitable for drinking, the Employer will provide bottled drinking water.
  9. over9five

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  10. over9five

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    But the employer pays a guy to clean that washroom twice a day. Is it the employers fault that we have some pretty disgusting people working with us? What are they supposed to do, post a security guard in there to make sure people don't urinate all over the seat, the floor, and the walls?

    People are gross. I don't know how the employer is supposed to fix that.
  11. Dracula

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    File a grievance.
  12. ismaili

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    i talked to my manager last week lets see what happens.
  13. UPSGUY72

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    A country music legend that died January 1, 1953 at the age of 29. In the the back of 52 caddy on the way to a gig... He is buried in Oakwood cemetery in Montgomery, AL. The song Midnight in Montgomery by Alan Jackson is about Hank Williams. His son is Hank Williams jr.
  14. BrownHatt

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    The center I am in Has been around for a very long time, but only got running water 4 years ago. They used to have a porta-potty that froze over in the winter. People still talk of having to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: on blue ice. There was no washing your hands or face, and there were no women hires as a result.
  15. Richard Harrow

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    We actually had what we called a $hyt-bandit in our building a number of years ago. Some savage went up into the restroom and literally smeared their feces all over the walls. It was straight-up prison behavior. Fortunately it hasn't happened since. We all figured it was some disgruntled part-timer who had head issues. Only at UPS.
  16. moreluck

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    They start young............

  17. menotyou

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  18. Indecisi0n

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    Holy :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:!
  19. JDoe123

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    Talk with management first.  Perhaps they can have a fan installed.

    Along the hygiene line, sometimes I really dread getting a signature.  I've had customers wipe their mouth with their hands before signing, I've had a couple sneeze then wipe their hands on their pants.  Actually more than a couple.  I even had one scratch his behind, yep, he did.  And the smokers with the arthritic yellow fingernails make me think they probably don't wash their hands much.  Funny how these things are cringe worthy to no end to me yet the guy who works on cars with grease all over his hands doesn't bother me half as much.

    I love Germ-X!
  20. JDoe123

    JDoe123 ad astra per aspera

    I like how you know the contract so well.  If anybody's ever had a question about it you know.