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    I'm new to this site and thought that maybe there is somewhere here that has a calculator for prospective retirees as far as what their pension might be. Any help where any such device may be? I'd love to get away but need some basic info. The pamphlet I got in the mail is about as confusing as anything could possible be and I live up in the mountains way away from any city or union halls. Help??? Thanks. Stratmanken the Feederboy.
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    u need to log on to UPSERS.COM to get to that calculator.

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    Does anyone know at what age a former admin (who is vested) can begin receiving retirement benefits?
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    call your local as varies around the country
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    Where do I go to start retirement process?
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    clear it with your spouse first
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    That was an odd response?
    I am looking for direction, not exactly tech savvy. redirects to here.
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    Huh, so it does. Try That's the official UPS site.
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    That is so unethical.
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    I'm an X-UPSer with 25 yrs working part-time pre-load. I became disabled in 2003 and separated in 2006. I am vested in the pension plan but haven't received an annual statement since 2007. This could be due to address changes, but I have written the plan at 55 Glen Lake Pkwy twice seeking to get updates, and to provide them with my present address. They have not responded. There is no phone number that I am aware of, so if anyone can help me find out info about the state of my pension I would be grateful. I would like to know that I can count on my pension being there when I need it.
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    Try calling 1-800-643-4442. I'm not sure if the number is still good. If it isn't try calling the Human Resource Dept. from the hub you worked in. If you still have an old paycheck stub have you employee number handy.
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