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    Would anyone happen to know the website address for the mgmt retirement papers I need to start filling out. I am eligible in Oct. and hr has been pretty much worthless in helping me out.
  2. Start with far as anyone from HR are on your own. Although, my dept helped in getting the intial "sheet" you will complete and send to Atlanta. Atlanta in turn will send you the packet. The process is very easy and you should allow for 3 months from the date you intend to leave. But as far as getting any help beyond that..forget it. You get the mat'l from the retirement from the retirement web site and you make the decision..any financial help need to come from your planner, accountant and/or lawyer...the days of advising are long gone due to legal liability...can't blame them for's the way of the world today. This is your decision to make, choose wisely. Hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy your retired life.
    It's a big step in ones life.
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