Retro check is in!

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  1. Plus the 401k money.

    Now some of the bigger checks got taxed at a higher rate. The younger drivers was going crazy showing off their pay stubs
  2. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    Me this weekend
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  3. Spray tan?
  4. MattM

    MattM Active Member

    Funny. Good for the guys and gals at my building. One I work next to (we’ve gotten nearly the same hours for two years now) got about $900 more than myself. So while she’s getting about 4 weeks of pay out of this, I’m essentially getting a week and a halfs worth.

    Given, I’ve been there 6 plus years and she’s been around 1 maybe two years. With this retro and now comparative wage, she’s on pace to nearly surpass my yearly income from ups. Ups giving vets great incentives to work and sweat.
  5. My check was a little over $1600 and one of the younger drivers was almost 7k
  6. DeliveryMachine

    DeliveryMachine Active Member

    This young driver got a tad over $7700. Worked every Saturday I could last year and this year, but paid over $3K in taxes.
  7. He will get some of that back. Hopefully he is in the 401k
  8. DeliveryMachine

    DeliveryMachine Active Member

    I’m talking about myself and yes after 401K came out I got to keep about 50% of the check for myself. Down payment money.
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  9. For a house?
  10. DeliveryMachine

    DeliveryMachine Active Member

    Yup. Been saving up. This was a nice little boost to help get over the edge.
  11. I'm sure it was. Go find yourself a bank that's pays the most interest or maybe go look at short term T bills
  12. hegro

    hegro Member

    My check was a bit over $7000. After taxes and 401k I am seeing $3900. Majority of the back pay was for jumping from $19.50 -> $23 with a few hundred hours at the tail end going from $21 -> $24.
  13. Do something smart with that money
  14. DumbTruckDriver

    DumbTruckDriver Allergic to cardboard.

  15. No. Not for a house. You must keep money separated for different reasons.
  16. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow Deplorable.

    Bitcoin is through the roof in the last calendar year. Up $4600 or so.
  17. Poop Head

    Poop Head Lovin' every minute of it!

    you gonna hire a lawyer to do math for you?
  18. Some if those retro checks are ridiculous
    12 lines of stupid numbers
  19. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    We’ve really got some geniuses working for UPS
  20. Superteeth2478

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    Huh, I was overpaid by about $55. 9 months to calculate it and they still can't get it right...