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    If UPS accountants are dumb enough to calculate past-due retro amounts, going off of the most recent listed deductibles. In other words, if somebody was paid retro calculating the entire amount as 15 dependents.

    Eventually during an audit they'd catch the mistake. They'd either expect the money back, or simply fire you for dishonesty.

    Make sense?
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    Doesn't make sense at all.
    The only dependent count that matters is the one listed on the day the check is cut...
    UPS is going to pay the same no matter if you have 1 dependent or 20 and the only issue one might have is underpaying the IRS.
    The federal deduction UPS takes from your check is based off of the dependent count we control on

    hours worked x hourly rate = gross owed - deductions = net check.
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    Check going right to savings
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    No retro check here. Shouldn’t we get these after all supplements are settled?
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    Yes, OP got reimbursed for old mileage/vacation or something else unrelated.
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    I always gave you credit for being somewhat intelligent but you really have no clue how the claimed exemptions work. You should stick to being a know it all with shoes.
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  8. watdaflock?

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    I thought retro checks would have taxes deducted.

    You're right, I do know more about shoes than taxes.
  9. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    I understand what you are saying and why you would think that.

    They will however, the retro pay is on-going due to the supplements not being finalized. Payroll cannot compute the actual payout or what needs to be taken out in taxes until it stops accumulating. At that point it will be no different than a regular paycheck which would be subjected to whatever deductions or exemptions the taxpayer chooses to have removed.
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    What are the most collectible model of Jordan’s?????
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  11. Indecisi0n

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    My taxes were taken out .
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    I let the last one slide thinking you are ignorant. This one I won't let slide as I now know you're an idiot! There is a difference and if you didn't catch the insult I couldn't care less, find yourself a dictionary and buy a clue!

    UPS will deduct the appropriate taxes as instructed by me as per the instructions I give UPS! There are very few situations in this job where one can tell UPS what to do and this is one of them!

    If they do not do as I instruct the company to do then they are in violation of federal law and could be in violation of Federal law!

    Post script.. I am not 100% sure about the last statement I made but damn, if it wouldn't be interesting to pursue this issue though the legal channels!
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  15. 1989

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    I believe if you claim too many exemptions (per irs rules) on your w4 the IRS can/will notify your employer what to take out. The again, I’m not sure if one grossing 80-100k would be noticed for several years.
  16. watdaflock?

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    You're getting a bit too worked up, over my lack of knowledge about taxes.

    lol I admitted to being mistaken.
  17. watdaflock?

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    I thought it was finalized, when Hoffa and friends decided our "no" vote didn't matter.
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    Extra money you earned through hard work.