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  1. Nope. They was working under the terms of the old contract.
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    I need that money for fireworks
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    Never that bad. Im just itchin to make it rain
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    Maybe some validity to this. Paying in July would not effect second quarter's numbers, and after the beating the stock price took after Q1 results I can see this being the plan.
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    I used one of those payday advance places to get mine early. 32% interest.
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    If you didn't retro check.
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    I wonder how many of those 55+% still work here?
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    No they shouldn't.
    If they quit they probably didn't vote.
    Retro checks should be given to only those that vote.
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  10. I bet a lot will leave after they get their retro check
  11. watdaflock?

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    Not voting has zero to do with UPS decision makers taking 6-8 weeks to send out retro checks.

    Hope this helps.

    That is dumb.

    Our union cares about voter participation about the same amount UPS management cares about getting retro checks mailed out.

    Hilarious how all the old farts blame new hires for the lousy service.
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    I would love to link retro pay to voting participation, but the fact is the union doesn't want that. They can't push they're agenda thru with voter participation.
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    Our preload staffs about 115/day. Of the ones I've talked to, 6 to 8 are on the fence or definitely out once those checks come. And those are just the ones I've worked with. I have a feeling were are going to loose roughly 10% right before summer vacations kick in. Good times!!
  14. Especially the guys that don't have that much time in, they are going to get a nice check.
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    Without a doubt. Get that retro pay from peak on and now realizing you get treated like crap daily and can stock shelves at Walmart for more money, not in the middle of the night. See Ya!!
  16. And get more hours. Many will do that because they don't look at the future. They are forgetting about pension, healthcare and PTO.
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    Yeah, the healthcare is the big one. The ones that tough it out are the ones like me who have kids and realize the value of what you're getting, even as a PTer.

    They'll leave and make more money now and then realize what they gave up when they need it.
  18. Show me the money now. Even if they get health insurance from another job it's not going to be ass good as coverage as we have and it definitely won't be for free.
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    How good is ass good??
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    But without a doubt. My friends and I have adult conversations occasionally and healthcare almost always comes up. Ours is always better and I tell them I pay my union dues/month for it. Jaws always drop when they know what we get and what I "pay".