RIP Mark...UPS man!


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Mark the UPS guy that does around my area died today when he was working because he was going too fast and didnt see the ice on the road and hit it and lost control of the package truck and went off the road and hit a tree.:crying:

All I know that he will sadly be missed by all the people in my area cause they all liked him alot.

He was 52 years of age.
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Did Mark get you pregnant before he "passed":rolleyes: away? Your "Custom User Title" says "Mommy to be!"


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Lemme see if I got this right. Paul got you pregnant, and he filled in for paul? {Removed by Moderator} :lol:


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Did a UPS driver Godforbid die wherever UPSgirl lives....New York? Kingtson? I'm sure somebody here can find out. :detective


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I dont think so. Usually, but not always, there is some news available to hear, and there has not been.

It would be a real suprise if there was.



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If this girl is for real, one almost has to feel sorry for her because she needs lot of love and attention. This is not the place to find it. So much of what is posted has many irregularities.

First most home schooled kids have very protective, if not too much so, parents. That is why they are home schooled. The parents are very involved with the kids and they are not left alone very much.

It is very hard to imagine a home schooled child getting pregnant by the UPS man while he is making deliveries. This is what the parents of a home schooled child are trying to prevent along with other evils of society. They want more involvement with what these kids are exposed to.

Any parent who has a 16 year old would go after the man who got their daughter pregnant. This Paul guy is an adult who is also a pretty sick person, having sex with a child. Then again who knows what goes on in this girl's house because she seriously has problems. She needs help.

The real question is why is she home schooled. To protect her from societies evils or to hide what she is exposed to behind her own front door. Something is surely missing in this persons life. (Loving caring parents)


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Quite honestly I don't believe a word she posts. Every post she makes seems to contradict one another. She doesn't know if she wants to go or stay, if she is wiccan or christian, if having a 50+ year old man make advances on her is ok, and now she is pregnant? Give me a break...


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Ok you know what I am really pregnant!!
I am not lying..but if you dont wanna believe it then w/e!

Im really outta here cause I cant take you people anymore!

Bye for good!


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This is going to be the fastest gestation in human history.....days pass by and she says it's 2 weeks that have passed. Just a couple days ago she had 8 mos. left..........must be that home-school new math method


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God, I can't stand it! The board is going to hell due to two posters. I've always felt the ignore feature was for people with closed minds, but I'm getting sick of weeding out the crap. Here is some advice:

1. Find someone to love. Make your relationship the most important thing in your life. Instead of focusing on what you want, ask yourself everyday, "What does he need?" If you have picked a good man (or woman) and he (she) does the same, you will be happy until the day you die.

2. Spend time with your children. Listen to them when they talk, whether it is about their fears or friends or Spongebob or Green Day. There will very soon come a day when you will ache for the sound of their voice. The time you spend here being vile is time wasted.

3. Do something good for someone everyday. Without them knowing. Without taking credit. When you post something that is designed to do nothing but inflame people, and you wait with baited breath, refreshing your page over and over, wild eyed and manic, hoping that someone will be angered enough to respond soon.... You need to look at your life and your priorities.

I've had two glasses of wine, and I'm at my wits end with these two foolish people. Forgive any spelling errors, and anything that sounds disjointed. If I go back to edit I will delete the whole damn thing and be done with it, but I want to have my say.

If there is a God, and a St. Peter, and a pearly gate, think about how you will answer when they ask what purpose you served here. When they hold up what you posted here, and they ask if you thought it was a valiant use of your time, can you say yes?

Not meaning to sound self-righteous, just sick of the garbage. The 16 year old kind and the... well... self-righteous kind.


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You're wasting your time.
She/he/it is smarter than everyone on this board all added together.
I think she/he/it has all of us by the tail and posts these ridiculous ideas and then sits back and laughs.
I'm trying to ignore her/him/it.

Maybe Charles Darwin (theory of natural selection) was right.