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    I know what its like for it to be day 1 or 11 years 5 months and say 22 days at Fedex. As for myself, the job became some sort of monster. By the end of my service, I could not even recognize the place by which I was employed any longer. Instead of support and encouragement, raking couriers over the coals with unrealistic SPH goals became the focus. Let us not forget about wonderful passive disciplines issued out like BZ bucks (very long ago- outta boy). NOPE, no encouragement, no understanding, just go out there run your guts out for an unrealistic goal- everyday (105 degree heat, rain, sleet, snow). Sometime near the end the month- then summoned to a manager's office for a micro-scoped view over every minute of your last month employment. YEP. I know what its like. Hey, there is hope. Stay there, while you look and pursue another career path or go to school. As for the veterans in the industry, all I can say is hang in there (until the magic age). Oh, almost forgot. To the wonderful mgr, I worked under (transferred out of my former sta). I hope your new boss is understanding and reasonable to you (as you were not to me). I will not waste my time with insults. I will take the high road.



    Ghost...take the low road man..it's fun, we have milk and cookies!
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    I have found that if you "kill it" that is making more than 100 % on your route on a consistent basis, you will be penalized. They will raise your SPH so you have to struggle to even reach that magical 100 % and lower a strugguling couriers SPH so they can meet their goal.

    This was done to me and a manager explained it that way. So another example of manipulation at your expense.
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    Although I love this post, I'm taking the low road too these days, and doing whatever I can to mess them up. If you're smart about it, there are lots of ways to make them look bad while not getting any of it on you. My favorite is to flood them with bogus sales "leads" for customers that either hate us or maybe ship once every 6 months. Another is to tell customers that our flights are always "full" these days, and that we can't handle additional business. I have one customer that would probably give us 50 additional pkgs per day, but I know if I pursue the freight all I will get is more busy. There will be no help, and I'll just have to work harder. No way.

    Constantly requesting checkrides is good too. Managers don't really have time to give them, so when things go badly, you can always say "But, I asked for a checkride". At the end of the day, I slow it down and space-out my stops just enough so I won't be available to help my neighbor. One of my late regulars always has lots of International and DG, so I have a lot of "auditing" for accuracy. Absolutely do not be a "hero". If you help, you will soon become the go-to person when Dispatch has a problem, especially when your neighboring courier is an idiot or a slug. With all the new people out there, every night is an "emergency".

    Time it so you return to building as late as possible without raising eyebrows. Why give them extra free labor loading cans, scanning freight, or anything else? I avoid managers and head to the parking lot ASAP. If I get caught, I will do what I'm asked, but passive resistance works most of the time because they are busy managing the disaster.

    If you're a DG Specialist, International Specialist, or some other special function, consider giving it up. These are also usually "hero" positions that have no payoff unless you're headed for a management spot. It's hard for them to replace you, and if there isn't anyone to do it, the freight sits, as I've seen happen many times when they unwittingly schedule all the DG people off on the same day. Don't renew your SIDA badge if you have one when it comes up for renewal. They can't really force you to get one unless you're at an airport facility, and that way you won't have to run a shuttle.

    This all sounds bad, but why put forth the extra effort when the only "benefit" for you is more work for the same lousy pay? Play your own game..not theirs.
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    Believe ME, my friend- I know their methods are ultra-shady. I will always be on your side. I just meant that since I can't TELL a very special and dear manager how I really feel- I will not expose my position and let them twist my words. DO what you have to do to survive. (they don't play any game fair). I'm out, been gone. SO they can't write me up or fire me. TAKE care pal- keep your head down. Its an extermination on all career couriers.