Road test before or during school?

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    just curious how the road test and schooling work. I've searched the forums and i get the impression you do your road test BEFORE they send you to school? or do they do that while you're at school?
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    While you are at school during recess!
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    In my center we take a preliminary road test (basically to prove to them you can operate a stick shift). Then the last day of the class we take another slightly longer road test that evaluates backing and 5/10 point commentary.
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    ^yup, both. one to get to class, and one to get out. i guess it may vary depending on where you are, but expect this.
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    I'm confused because I was told by the HR rep that the road test is done before I go, and the schooling part will consist of me driving in a mock town making deliveries in an automatic. she said there were no live road test?
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    Yeah you'll get a driver test before class. They just want to make sure you can handle the truck. Might want to read up on the 5 and 10 as they might ask you during the ride. Don't grind the gears, don't speed, leave 1 car length distance when stopped in traffic. And don't crash :). You can't lose more than 125 points a believe.
  8. The class is to teach you UPS safety. Not to teach you to drive stick. The road test is done normally a couple weeks before the class by a supervisor only to make sure you can handle a package car. You must be able to drive stick.
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    Not necessarily true.
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    Delivering in a mock town lol. Will they have mannequins waiting at the door for you? My god this place just gets funnier and funnier.