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Greetings and salutations!! Guess I'm committing to making a profile finally here on BC,been waiting to do this for a long time. Had been stressing about the road test that they kept pushing back week after week. Learned the 5 pointer , learned the road test score card ,read up on my BC literature and got to my Hub to find we only use autos....I was a bit relieved but still good since I've owned manual and auto vehicles and done really well with 0 infractions or points on my driving record ever. My claim to fame i see it ;) Anyhow passed with only 40 points docked.Next is a non cdl Dot test and off to driver school in the next few weeks. Im happy to share this with you all.....It can be done. Never doubt yourself and never give up without a damn good fight. Hope to be picking your brain here BCers. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!