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  1. Full disclosure most of my posts are going to be very newbish for you guys because my building has no representation. Moral of the story is my route is now getting cut on Mondays and I'm being forced to run other bidded routes so those guys can go home. Some are senior but every time other junior drivers are going or complaining they don't know a route but my sup will throw me in the blind because I can get through any route as most drivers can. Is there anything I can file on or how can I fix this situation? Thanks for any info!
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    Don't you want to work? But the bigger question is why doesn't your building have representation?
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    Just show up for work...and WAD
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    Article 64. If routes are being cut they go from the top down on asking drivers if they want off. If you're a FT driver and at the bottom of the seniority list not too much you can do I don't think.
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    You might have to bid on another route
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    Bid an "A" route.
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    You're welcome
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    Would need to know,what region you are in because just because something is one way in one region doesn't mean that's how it is in another.
    Having said that. Here if your route is cut you have the option of taking the day off.
    Have you spoken to management about the situation? Let them know how you feel?
  10. Do I want to work? Yes on my route. I do not mind it being cut on Monday as I get enough OT the other 4 days I basically would be working for pennies on the dollar anyway. I think we are in the Atlantic Region or North East they call it now. We have a lot of terrible drivers both cover and bidded routes. I have been with UPS almost 23 years and have learned 30-40 routes in the blind. Management doesn't make all drivers go in the blind just ones they know can get through it. Basically they ignore all seniority and dispatch according to driver. Some drivers never work 8 hours others 10-11 hours and it's always same drivers..they dispatch the ones they know will grossly cut corners to get the job done lighter. Also if my sup is late man he gives the slower drivers off so he can get off early. When drivers put in 8 hour days they don't give them 8 hour days in hopes the driver will just go home. So let's get to the reason for the post. Today one of our worst drivers with worst attendance had an 8 hour. Well he put it in, in hopes he could go home. He comes in and just starts crying it's too much for an 8 hour and just wants off. So my sup tells me I may need to run his route (mind you I have 12 years seniority on this waste of air) and we have 5 other cover drivers all below me in seniority not assigned to a route and when I say put one of the junior cover drivers on it he says they don't know it. I'm sorry they get paid the same as I do and I wasn't trained so send them out on it as well and they will know it. As far as why we don't have representation.. well one steward has the easiest route, nicest and fastest truck in our group. The other just became shop steward and he only did it to try to get an easier day as well. The second steward never ever runs his bidded route, comes in early every day looking for the shortest route and has management put him on it and this is if he works..generally he works 2-3 days a week MAX!
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    Is there a question or a point your trying to make?
    Or did you just come here to whine

    Enquiring minds want to know
  12. I believe the questions were in the first post? Maybe ask Siri to read the thread if you are not capable?
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    You are making your own problems and you have an inflated sense of self worth that is clouding your judgement.

    You might not realize it, but you don't have to succeed when they put you out there blind?

    You are the Center whipping boy because you are an enabler.
    You are rewarding the Company for their poor decisions.

    I just had my 30 year anniversary with the Company and have held a bid on the same "A" route in a 4 car loop, for the last 16 years.
    A couple of summers ago, they thought it would be a good plan to cut my route and combine it with the B Car on Mondays, because I don't have many pickups.
    First time they did it was the day after Memorial Day, and they assumed since I knew no other routes in the center, that I would take the day off.
    Wrong answer, and by the time they accepted that contractually they had no options besides paying my daily guarantee, all the routes had left the building.
    I did a lot of shuttling and safety training that day and was off in 8 hrs.

    The next Monday, I was dispatched to a route I had never run, but they forgot about my 8 hr request, so that day didn't work out well for them either.

    The following Monday, they convinced the senior driver on the B car in my loop to start taking Mondays off so I could run the combo-route.
    After clocking out at 11pm the next two Mondays, that plan was abandoned and my route hasn't been cut since.

    Stop being an enabler.
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    You've been here 23 years, have no union representation, and do not know which supplement you are under?

    Can you please tell me where your building is so I can transfer there? Sounds like a wet dream.
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  15. Frigid you nailed it! Our building is considered a resort for Sups..I know my local but it's kind of pointless. Our sups just plain suck one has been fired for hiding an accident, one has 1 week of driving and was a part time sup before that, and our center manager drove for 7 years before getting hurt and then went into management..yea it's terrible. So the original questions have never been answered? When the let junior drivers go hom first do I have any recourse? Lastly can a senior driver who's route is in when mine is cut bump me to his route?
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    You answered your own question. You said they only make Drivers go out blind that get it done, so umm stop running and getting it done=problem solved.
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  17. FrigidFTSup

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    It's a resort because you guys let it be. It may be my wet dream, but my God, I respect people more who show some spine.
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    It's different everywhere. In my local I'd tell you to file a grievance for not following seniority. The problem is some locals seniority only gives you the right to work not to go home.

    Bubblehead said it best stop being an enabler. My guess is they keep putting you on routes because they think you'll do whatever you have to do to get done at a certain time everyday.

    You need to make them not want to put you on any route but yours. Do you have the testicular fortitude to do that?
  19. Well I never ever meet standards on another route..I run1-2 hours over so if that's enabling I guess I'm guilty.
  20. 542thruNthru

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    Well 1 - 1 1/2 over is actually pretty normal here. If I was continuously forced to run a route while others got what they wanted. I would always be close to 4 hours over everytime. I would especially do it if I had 23 years. Like I said you need to make them not want to have you run any route but your own.